Created by Mateusz Skutnik
release date: September 10th, 2013


by Alex Voytenko, including additional tracks not featured within the game. All in mp3 format.


In this HD version you can appreciate all details of the design. Window mode also available.


through my secure store. You don't need to register to it, you don't even need a paypal account.

This game is THE biggest and most elaborate of all my games to date. If there was ever a time to buy one of my games - this is it. Just take a closer look.

So you're still not convinced and just want to play free online version of the game, right? Don't worry, it's also here. Just click the image below:

After you play the free version maybe reconsider buying the game anyway. Thanks!

"It's a game that sets out to make you feel lost and bewildered and it definitely succeeds."

- Jay is Games

"Creep Through The Fantastically Odd World Of Daymare Town 4"

- Indie Statik

"I now understand why it took so long! A great work of ingenuity, design and style."

- Patricia

"I've played it four times, lol."

- Sydney

"So I loved this so much, I was up waaay too late playing this spectacle of eerie beauty!"


"Just finished playing... awesome... amazing... moving... wow, I love it, totally. Thank you."

- Katerina

"Do you really want to get out of here? No. My heart is trapped."

- Ryoko

"FAN-TA-STY-CZNA seria! Klimatyczna muzyka, dzwieki, specyficzny styl rysunku, slowem - swietna pozycja nie tylko dla kogos, kto lubi point-and-clicki."

- Grocho

"it is always a pleasure to play your games, but I guess you've made me addicted to them and now I can't wait for the next one!"

- koliibrii