Archived News of the year 2005

December 12th 2005:
500 000 users on submachine: extended version. Thanks guys. This is still a surprise to me, that this particular game gained such success on the internet. Once again thanks to Graeme and lazyLaces; And I frankly can’t imagine how many people have played the first Submachine, since it spread over the internet on so many gaming portals.

November 20th 2005:
Ole Comoll Christensen sent me an image to my celebrity guestbook, yet another aspect of the Revolutions that I didn’t know. He is a danish comic artist, you can check more of his work at

November 15th 2005:
I’ve created an extended version of the submachine, especially for the, where I can watch the stats of the game. This version of the game is tougher and has more rooms, in the meantime I started creating submachine2 on a different engine hoping to finish that game in January or February 2006.

October 7th 2005:
Meanwhile, in the normal world my newest album has just been published. ‘Blaki’, 46 black and white pages, in cooperation with Karol Konwerski. The premiere was scheduled to meet the MFK2005 (International Comic Festival in Łódź, Poland).

October 2nd 2005:
Well now this is strange. Due to enormous success of the game Submachine and thousands of players I had to remove all of my games from, because Submachine was causing gigantic transfer, that would consume my yearly license in like three days. Right now Submachine is back online on a different mirror, and I’m looking for a new home for other games.

September 21th 2005:
The Revolutions comic series is growing further. Tomasz Bagiński, polish 3D animation artist, nominated for Academy Award Oscar for his movie ‘Cathedral’ is working on creating a new movie, base d on the ‘Kinematograph’ comics, taken from the third album of the Revolutions: Monochrome. this is a major breaking news for the series and for contemporary movie business. So next year watch out for the Kinematograph movie, kids.

September 15th 2005:
New game launched: Submachine. This time it’s not the squirrel, but a classic escape point and click game, thanks to Graeme at for addicting me to this type of games.

September 5th 2005:
New game launched: the Freakshow, it’s also the squirrels, as most of my games.

August 22nd 2005:
Monday. Good day for launching two new games. Aviator and Aeroplane, from the squirrel family series.

August 19th 2005:
Yet another great polish comic artist in the celebrity guestbook. Rafał Szłapa was kind enough to create a drawing based on one of his favourites Revolutions stories from the first album.

August 17th 2005:
Tomasz Lew Leśniak has joined the revolutions celebrity guestbook with his version of the Revolutions. He is the author of two popular polish comic series ‘Jeż Jerzy’ and ‘Tymek i Mistrz’.

August 10th 2005
Revolutions comics in the eyes of Bohdan Butenko, Marek Lachowicz, David Krancan and Jakob Klemencic. I invite you to look up the celebrity guestbook.

Chichot #4