Mateusz Skutnik on Patreon


This is it guys.

If I ever needed your strong support – it’s right now. And I don’t mean only financially (that too, naturally), but you can help me spread the word about this project. Share, tweet, retweet, email, post on message boards, tell your friends, do whatever you can.

If you’re thinking – wait, why do we have to pay you now, since all your games have always been free – let me explain.

The online games will stay free of charge. I’m not asking you to pay for my games, or in broader sense for my content that I create (games, comic books, possibly web comics). I’m asking you to support me, the creator of that content. The content itself will remain free.

The thing is – The Times They Are a-Changin’. I can talk to you for hours about how many times the business side of online game development has changed over those 10 years. In detail. I’ve been through multiple monetization models, and with the advent of smartphone market few years back, all those solutions just slowly faded away. Yeah, I’m that old, my games predate iPhone, Android and even YouTube. Can you imagine?

The bottom line – now is the perfect opportunity for us to connect on the closest level imaginable. Just you, me, and my games and comic books delivered straight to your desktop.

So please, take a look at my patreon page, read all the projects that I listed there and consider becoming more than just a Submachine player. You can become a part of Submachine itself.