10 Gnomes 8: water forge

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This one was a tough one. I know, I say that almost everytime, but these particular gnomes were really hardest to create. So, this place – it’s in the woods, about 30 min walk from nearest transportation. One day i was around and thought – to hell with it, I’m going there to shoot some gnomes pics. Why did I say ‘to hell with it’ – you might ask. The answer is simple as – because it was raining. So I’m going there on foot, the atmosphere around me is fine, except for that raining part – walk in the woods can be quite nice. As I arrive there – the first big unanswered question vanishes – yes, it is open. I met the guy in charge at the forge door, and I ask him if it’s ok for me to take some pictures. he said – for what purposes – and right there I knew I was screwed. Didn’t want to lie, as it’s not my style ;) I said that I want to create a game situated in the forge. And so it begun. It was drawn to my attention that I cannot just go in, make some pics and post them on the web. No, no, no. And that I have to fill in some departamental papers, describing the project, and then they would send it to Warsaw (the capital of Poland), and then get back to me with the decision.


If you made that face right now feel no shame as it’s exact expression I made back then. Remember the illegal adventures? This one had to be LEGALIZED. Fortunately we agreed that this can be resolved via email, and so I went back home (it was still raining) and wrote an email about what 10 Gnomes are. The decision arrived shortly after – that it’s all god if I put their logo somewhere in the game. No problem. It’s there.

So, one week later, it was 25th to be exact – usual gnome releasing date – I went there for the second time and was able to shoot the material. No rain this time. Phew. And that’s why these gnomes are bit off schedual.

Anyway, enough of talking, the task was difficult, but mission accomplished.



and this is a gem that I found on jayisgames.com:

Gnome Infestation Envelops City

Miniature white gnomes have been spotted all over the city for half a year now, and their number only appears to grow. Their presence seems permanent, and there is no apparent end to them.

It all started on February 5th, when well-known artist Mile Godnia was heading for the grocery store to buy some milk and dog biscuits for her pets, and spotted a small white gnome sitting on a rooftop. She thought her eyes were playing tricks on her, but she saw it again on the way back.

“It was the strangest thing you’d ever seen,” Godnia told the press. “It didn’t do anything, and it just turned its head when it noticed me. Then it was there again several minutes later, in exactly the same place.”

Discussion with her neighbors revealed that other people had seen the gnome as well. It had turned up all over the rooftops, in ten different places. In fact, there appeared to be ten different gnomes.

Weeks later, gnomes began turning up in other locations, from the city park to the the local shipyard to a large warehouse. Sightings grew as rapidly as their numbers did. Reports showed interesting phenomena: they always turned up in groups of ten spread out around an area, and they always behaved the same, never moving from their locations. Attempts to shoo them away were always in vain, as they remained obediently in their spots.

“It’s the darndest thing,” businessman Matthew Mothball commented. “They don’t do anything but loaf there, but they’re driving me nuts! It’s ruining my concentration just thinking about them!”

“We’d like to classify them as pests,” city official Myrtle Auggh explained, “but they don’t do anything. All they do is sit around. They don’t spread disease, they don’t steal anything, they don’t even make noise. They don’t fit the definition of a pest, end of story.”

Whether or not the gnomes will ever go away, or whether their behavior will become any peskier, both remain to be seen.

written By SonicLover