Patreon Reward • Submachine Location

Inktober 2019

The idea is to create one ink drawing each day for the whole month of October. 31 pictures in 31 days. To be honest this sounds easier than 46/46. But since that happened back in 2012, I unexpectedly got older and I’m not as creative or quick as I used to be. So let’s see if this pans out. If you see 31 pictures below, it means I did good.

Seems like 31, right? But did you count them correctly? Are you sure?

Count again. :D

Patreon Reward • Daymare Town

Blaki on Croatian Stones

Blaki face urn

I got this face urn, so I drew some faces on it.

Biskupin, VI 2019.

Where is 2020? colorization sketch

Background sketches

Easter Egg 2019





Textured sketches

The search for final game graphic style continues…

Atmospheric sketch

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