DayMare Town; walkthrough(s)

Walkthrough 1

written by Viper, found on

Click on the well
Click on coin located on the left ledge of the well
Just to the left of the well and very small is a hook
Click back to the main screen
Click on the sky
Click to the right lower half of the chimney, see 1st bird
Click on the stone down left of the well
Left and a little up from the stone is some string
Click to the right of the stone, but still on it and you go behind the stone
Take key
Go back to main screen
Click on the left most building’s ledge, see 2nd bird
Go back to main screen and go to Amory
Click on door and look at base of staircase at small cabinet door
Open doors and get screwdriver
Click on sad clown looking man
Notice the position of the packman like buttons
Go up stairs and look to the right of the column and get cloth
Go downstairs then click on office area to the right
Click on area to the right of the window where it looks like the wallpaper is rolling down
Click in the light part of the chimney area to see 3rd bird
Click back to original screen
Click on Book House
Just to the right is an opening, click it
Get lighter
Go in Book House into elevator
Go to floor 1
Click on house picture
Click to the right to see something behind picture
Take scroll
Click back to close up of picture
Click to the right of the chimney where it looks like a string is there
See 4th Bird
Click back to larger view of floor
Click to the right and collect book
Go to floor -3
Turn around
Go towards black passage
Collect round pie shaped piece
Go back in elevator to floor -2
Click to the right of the damaged light switch to get puzzle
Put packman looking pieces in same order as clown picture in armory
Collect triangle piece
Go to the right where the scissor and rock are
Click on rock and put scroll under it
Rock breaks to reveal square piece
Go back to elevator and go to floor -1
Click to the right where the bookshelves are
Click on book with the small dot fourth shelf down quarter over from right
See 5th bird
Take elevator back to 0 floor and go to main screen
Combine screwdriver and cloth
Combine string and hook
Click on sewer grate above the well
Use hook/string in sewer,
Get round piece
Click back to main screen
Click on passage
Click passage again and see hole branching from grate
Put screwdriver with cloth in hole
Light with lighter
Give coin to man
He gives you Square holed piece and takes torch
Click back to main screen
Click on Armory
Click close up on missing round piece to left of door
Place round piece in slot
Click in Armory and go to top floor revealing an L shaped piece
Go downstairs
Go through door to basement
Go to the left of the hooks revealing a sink and a scary bearded man
Give the book to the man and he starts to read and a reverse L shape falls out
Click on sink and use hook and string to fetch key
Click back to main screen
Click on city hall
Go in and click on back most left door
Click top right to view long chimney type area
Click on nest to see 6th bird
Click back to hallway with all doors
Click above wooden plank at top
Click to the right part between wood planks in the middle to reveal 7th bird
Go back to main hallway
Click on second door on right
Click on box to right of the desk on the floor
Use key to open box
Get U shaped piece
Go back to hallway
Click on middle of screen by railing
Go to the left
Go downstairs
Go downstairs again
Click on top of circle
Click on right circle
See 8th bird
Click back to circle
Go right see machine
Click on left part of banister
See 9th bird
Go back to front of city hall
Go left
Go upstairs twice
Open door with key
See chained man
Look out window middle top left in tree
See 10th bird
Go downstairs facing bottom of staircase
Go left and left again
Take golden egg from pedestal
Go back up stairs
Give egg to chained man
He disappears
Go back to city hall
Go down the hallway to the right and place pieces and push buttons
Go back up and to the left and place remaining pieces and push buttons
Go downstairs to big machine
Pull handle
Click on handrail at top of staircase


Walkthrough 2

written by Chaoseed Software, found on Chaoseed

The Yard
Passages to City Hall, A Well, Book House, Armory, A Stone, Passage, The Sky.

Bird – Lower left corner, ledge on building.
The Sky
Bird – Where chimney meets roof.
A Well
Coin – On rim of well.
Hook – On ground in top left. (Combine it with String.)
A Stone
String – In upper left. (Combine it with Hook.)
Yardstone Key – Click right edge of stone.
A Sewer
Piece 1 – Use Hook on String on Sewer.
Piece 3 – Use Small Torch on opening, use Lighter on torch, use Coin on person(?).
Armory (entrance)
Passage to Armory (inside).

Piece – Put Plate in left Some Strange Ornament for Piece.
Armory (inside)
Passages to Torture Room, Office (Armory).

Portrait of a Soldier – Click on buttons to see switch code.
Screwdriver – Cabinet in lower left. (Combine it with Cloth.)
Office (Armory)
Bird – Click on top right corner, then in center again.
Armory (First Floor)
Cloth – In back right corner. (Combine it with Screwdriver.)
Piece 4 – Will appear here once you use the Plate on the Strange Ornament outside.
Torture Room
Click on back-left to reach Recess.
Piece 5 – The Librarian will eventually show up here. Give him the Book.
Sinkmouth Key – Click on Sink. Use Hook with String on sink mouth.
Book House
Lighter – Check outside, the Small Hole in Wall on right.
Reading Room (Book House floor 1)
Piece of Paper – Left edge of picture of Bloomfield House.
Bird – Roof of Bloomfield House in picture.
Book – On desk in right part of room.
Archives (Book House floor -1)
Bird – Book with dot in huge bookcase.
Workshop (Book House floor -2)
Piece 2 – “Puzzle?” on wall; use switch code from Armory painting.
Piece 6 – Go to table with scissors and rock. Click rock, then quickly put Piece of Paper under it.
Basement (Book House floor -3)
Plate – Just “Turn Around” and then click “Scary”.
City Hall (entrance)
Click the door to enter. Click the left to go to Left Yard.
Left Yard
Click Left to find a pedestal with the number of birds found, as well as a mysterious yawning mouth. Click on stairs to eventually get to Prisoner’s Room. Use Yardstone Key to unlock door.
Prisoner’s Room
Secret Puzzle – Use Golden Egg on Prisoner. Yay!
Bird – Click window of Prisoner’s Room. It’s on the left side of the busy part of the tree.
City Hall (Hallway)
Bird – Click top of screen, then just above and left of center.
Bird – Third door on left, click top right, click nest.
Piece 7 – Second door on right, click A Safe, use Sinkmouth Key.
City Hall (Puzzle machine area)
Bird – Go left, past the puzzle piece pillars, you’ll find an area with a hole right in front of you. Click top of screen, then click rightmost of the three holes.
Bird – Machine area, where railing meets left wall.
Final Puzzle – Match the puzzle pieces to their pillars, click each button, finally pull lever past the left puzzle pillars area. Right area: Pieces 4, 2, 5. Left: 6, 1, 3, 7.


walkthrough 3

written by LunaticByTheSea, found on Nordinho

Collect these items:

The coin from the Well ledge. Then the hook barely visible to the left of the well.

At the rock in the courtyard:
The string to the left of the rock and the key behind the right side of the rock.

Then at the sewer grate, combine the hook and the string and fish out the Chinese puzzle block #1 (Square with round hole)

Collect the lighter from the hole in the wall to the right of the door to the Book house.

Enter bookhouse. Go to elevator. Take elevator to the basement (-3 button) once you’re in the basement turn around and go to the dark window at the end of the hall, collect a plate.

Back to the elevator, leave bookhouse and go to the Armory…place the plate you just picked up into the left side ornament holder and then go inside the Armory. Click on the soldiers picture and note the way his buttons are aligned (changes each time you play).

Backout from the picture and enter the doorway with the arch on top, go to the left of the room and find the sink with an ugly troll sitting there. Fish a key from the sink drain.
Backout once again and find the little box to the left of the stairway, grab the screwdriver, now go upstairs and find the chinese puzzle block #4 (looks like a backwards L) Also in this room is a cloth in the far right corner on the floor, grab it.

Now back to the courtyard. Go the the grate (passage) on the right side of yard. Combine the cloth with the screwdriver and insert that in to the hole inside the grate, light it with the lighter and you’ll see a troll , give him the coin and be rewarded with Chinese puzzle block #3 ( Square with a square hole)

Now go to city hall…in the middle room on the right, use the second key you got on the safe that’s on the right side of the desk, grab the Chinese puzzle block #7 (looks like a backwards C)

Ok, now back to the bookhouse, take elevator to the reading room (top floor) go all the way to the right and grab book thats on the easel, also in that room are two pictures on the wall, click the right picture and find a roll of paper behind the left side of the frame. Now take elevator to the workshop and click on the puzzle on the right of the elevator…click the knobs till it matches the soldiers buttons ( did you note their position earlier? if not, go back to the Armory and take a look) when you’ve done this you get the Chinese puzzle block #2 ( square with a big triangle in the middle) OK, now down to the workshop in the bookhouse, go all the way to the right to the table with the rock and scissors…this next part is a little tricky and you may have to do it several times, but heres what ya do. Click on the rock and then immediately click on the paper roll and place it under the rock while the rock is in the air. It’s tricky and always takes me several tries to get it right but once done correctly you’re rewarded with Chinese puzzle block #6 (Square, no holes)

Go back to the Armory and find the sink again and give the book to the troll at the sink he rewards you with Chinese puzzle block #5 ( looks like an L)

NOTE: YOu now have ALL the puzzle pieces you need to escape.

Now go to the City Hall and all the way to the end of the hall, turn to the right and all the way till you find the little doohobbers and put the corresponding blocks in thier place and remember to push down the top buttons, now backout and do the same for the little doohobbers on the left side of the hallway and remember to push the buttons on top as well, then go down to the right and see that lever ??? DONT CLICK ON THAT LEVER YET!!!!!!! Why?

Because you need to make sure you’ve found all the little birdies and unlock the prisoner from the far left side of the courtyard…you can still escape at this point but if you want to do it absoletely correct, ya need to find the birds…