Slice of Sea – interview for

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mateusz Skutnik, I create games, mostly in the adventure puzzle point and click genre. I’m also a comic book writer and artist, and those two branches of my creativity just met in my newest game, Slice of Sea.

What is your most favorite PC/video game?

I think if I had to pick just one… It would be Journey by ThatGameCompany. This is the shining example why games can be real art.

Why did you start developing this game?

I was creating games for 15 years in Adobe Flash, and once they decided to end Flash support I moved to another game engine in 2016. This allowed me to create a game for Steam, which meant I had to pull all my strength and abilities together to create something unique for my Steam debut.

What is/are interesting/unique in the game?

This game in it’s entirety was drawn on paper using ink and nib. It took me 4 years to finish creating the game (2018-2021).
Uniqueness comes from my comic book drawing style, just take a look.

Whom would you like to play this game?

People who like adventure games and solving puzzles. This is a point and click game with a slight twist in that you use keyboard to move game’s main character and mouse to solve puzzles.

What kind of people is your target?

Anyone with a keen eye for unique graphical design, strange worlds and even stranger creatures. I know my games are played by people of all ages, from small children up to 70 year-olds.

Is the game inspired by any other games/movies/etc.?

The game is derived from all my previous works. My other game series – Submachine, Daymare Town, and my comic book series: Revolutions, Blacky, Morphs…
I just took everything good I created in the past and smashed it all together to create this game.

(If not yet) Do you have a plan to support the Japanese language? If you accept fan translation, who should we contact?

Japanese is already supported. You can change language in the main menu settings.

Has COVID-19 affected the development?

Not really, since I’ve been working at home since 2009. I also work alone, almost entire game, with the exception of music is done by me personally.

Is it okay to stream the game and monetize it? (on YouTube, Twitch, etc.)

Yes, of course!

Please leave a message for Japanese readers.

Hi guys. You can play my game in Japanese, and in my opinion Japanese version looks the best of all languages, mostly thanks to Kanji font used in the game, it matches the drawn and inked spirit of the game.




ポイント&クリックパズルADV『Slice of Sea』―ペンとインクで描かれたグラフィックで4年の歳月をかけて完成【開発者インタビュー】

気になる新作インディーゲームの開発者にインタビューする本企画。今回は、Mateusz Skutnik氏開発、PC/Mac向けに11月11日にリリースされたポイント&クリックパズルアドベンチャー『Slice of Sea』開発者へのミニインタビューをお届けします。



Mateusz Skutnik氏(以下Mateusz)主にポイント&クリックパズルアドベンチャーといったゲームを作っている、Mateusz Skutnikです。私は漫画家でもありアーティストでもあります。これら2つのクリエイティビティが出会い誕生したのが、本作なのです。



Mateusz私はAdobe Flashを使って15年間ゲームを作っていました。そしてFlashのサポートが終わることが決定すると、2016年、私は別のゲームエンジンに移ることとしたのです。これにより、Steam向けのゲームが作れるようになりました。と言うことで、Steamでのデビューに向け、私は自分の持つあらゆる強みと能力を結集させることとしたのです。







Mateusz本作は私の今までの作品すべてを起源としています。私の作ったゲームシリーズである『Submachine』『Daymare Town』、漫画シリーズだと「Revolutions」「Blacky」「Morphs」などですね。過去に作って良かった物を集めてくっつけ、本作を作ったのです。