Slice of Sea major update and overhaul to version 2.0

Entire game got full refactor and logic upgrade. This includes:

  • Full controller support, now you can play entire game using your controller. This functionality was added in preparation for Steam Deck compatibility re-review, which means that while the game is not officially supported on Steam Deck, you can still play it on Steam Deck without any additional key and buttons remapping. You can check out key / gamepad bindings on new, restructured¬†controls options screen.
  • Updated entire code of the game, based on new Submachine: Legacy logic. With each subsequent game my code is getting better and more robust, therefore after releasing Submachine: Legacy I decided to go back to Slice of Sea and rewrite it to match better version of my code architecture.
  • Added new cursor icon showing hotspot regions where an inventory item can be used. When you hover over an area where game expects you to use some inventory item, the cursor change will indicate that.
  • Aristocrat and Collector achievements now trigger in-game, not in outro. As you collect final item needed for those achievements, they will trigger instantly.
  • Reworked Tibet Drums availability to spin. Now you can spin them without finding drum order notes first. You still can’t solve this puzzle without finding all needed notes first, but you can at least spin them and see the structure of the puzzle.
  • There’s a new achievement to unlock. It’s seasonal, which means it will be available only for two weeks around Halloween. Hunt them pumpkins.
  • Unfortunately, Mac version doesn’t work anymore after latest macOS update, so I can’t have that version still available to buy. Note, that this is not fault of the game itself, it was working fine, nothing changed in the code, it was fulfilling Apple’s long list of demands to be playable on macOS, it was checked, approved, notarized, paid for etc. And then it stopped working. Subsequently, Mac version is not updated. I would like to come back to this subject in the future, but I’m not sure if it’s sustainable at this point. If they expect me to try making the game playable after each system update, then I’m sorry, I’m not sure I want to handle that.