10 Gnomes 4: foggy flat



Time for another dose of monthly gnome madness. This time there’s a little sub-story that goes along with this location. It’s a roof of one of the longest buildings in Europe (don’t worry, we’re visiting only one end of it) and basically getting there was kind of difficult. I remember being on that roof about five years ago, and when I started creating 10 Gnomes series this year the idea of placing one episode over there struck me with it’s simplicity. But as I went there it turned out that the access is forbidden, doors are firmly shut with a lock, and they even replaced the old wooden door with a brand new, steel door. Sounds like and episode of Submachine. Closed door? No key? The idea of finding some acid and melting the lock struck me, but then I remembered that it was kind of illegal thing to do in real life, unless you’re in a deserted laboratory with nowhere to go. What would you do. Find the key. Get it from conservation team, or maintenance of the building. And that’s how I get hold of that key, with priceless help of my sister and her husband as they live in that very building, and arranged the key for me. Thanks guys. And it was a foggy day, the day I went there to shoot those pics, need I say more? Perfect combination of a roof, fog and pesky 10 gnomes to find will surely make your day brighter. Right?

Anyway – find 10 gnomes within 10 minutes. Have fun. I had a blast creating this episode. :D