10 Gnomes 12: the tank

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This is it. Game over. I had a real problem finding another decent location worth showing. But then I remembered – the tank! It’s a landmark of my district and it looks like a gnome hideout allright. So we end this series on a historical note, with last months episode aboud war remains and now this one – it’s a WW2 reminiscence once again.


I can’t believe that entire year just passed by. It feels like I had this idea for gnome-finding game just few days ago and making pictures for the first one just yesterday. Yet, it was in january. Now, 12 games, 1000 pictures, 12 trolls and 141 gnomes later – here we are.

I really enjoyed making those games and watching the series evolve – if you remember, there were some birds to find in first games, one scary hand,and then in the middle of year the trolls stepped in and stayed with us for good.

Thank You for playing this series, for commenting and staying with the gnomes till the end.

the gnome herder

p.s. – wait, 141 gnomes in 12 10-gnome games? Go figure ;)