10 Gnomes 5: the shipyard


Illegal adventures continue. This shipyard was getting permanent inspiration mention since Submachine 1. No wonder that I wanted to show you part of it in pictures, gnome game seemed to be the best way to do it. You can see only a small part of it, as the whole shipyard is vast, actually workers over there have their own bicycles to get from one location to another, so there. I think I could easily built all 12 gnomes games based on the shipyard alone, but that would be boring probably. Instead I made pics only on two locations, outdoor (this game) and indoor (next month). Besides that I can’t really tell if I was fully allowed to take pictures anywhere over there. Fortunately there are some artists colonies as well in this shipyard and that’s how I got in in the first place. Otherwise they would just stop me at the gate and tell me to get lost. :D But being inside doesn’t mean “yeah, you can take pictures, here’s a free soda, enjoy”, so there was a little thrill in the package as well. Anyway – gnomes are hidden, clock is set to 10 minutes, enjoy. :D

p.s. – weather report – total sunshine this time. No fog nor rain. ;)