Covert Front 2: english solution

Banishing the darkness:

If you sit around for a few seconds, it will tell you what to do: “I have to light a match.” Click the matches, then the middle of the screen. Do this again whenever the match goes out, you’ve got an infinite supply.

Permanent light:

From the start, walk forward five screens, until you’re facing a brick wall.

There are three stones here that you need to push into the wall.

Once you’ve done that, turn left.

Pull the switch.

It’s the little ball on the right side of the box, directly beneath the left edge of the lamp.

Lifting the grating:

The next thing you need to do is lift the grating that’s keeping you from getting into a new room.

There’s a switch you need to pull.

Go to the room just before you stare at the brick wall. Turn left twice, follow the path to the end.

Getting power to the new rooms:

In the bottom left room of the new area, there’s a fuse box, but you can’t get into it.

Looks like you need a screwdriver.

Grab the one from the toolbox and use it on all four screws.

written by funnyMan, found on;

Once you’re into the box, you’ll notice that there are some things missing in here. One large object on the left, three smaller ones at bottom.

The large object is a fuse.

You can get it by backing out to the main sewer room and following the left path.

It’s sitting on the floor just inside the grate.

The three small objects are resistors. Each one only fits one of the three spots.

Resistor one is sitting on top of the box that you used to turn on the lights.

Resistor three is also nearby. Back up two screens, turn left, then right. Follow the path one more screen, and the resistor is laying on the ground between a couple of cylinders.

Resistor two is missing, you’ll have to improvise.

Use the wire from the upper left room of the new complex. It’s the red object sitting on the right hand table, between the mugs.

Once you’ve got all the pieces in place, just pull the switch.

Sending a message:

You’ll need a cable to connect with.

It’s in the lower right room of the complex, hanging on the bookshelf at right.

Enter the upper left room.

You’ll have to alter the machine a bit.

Zoom in on the plate in the lower left-corner of the machine just right of center. Unscrew it with your screwdriver and plug in the cable.

Getting into the vault:

The vault is in the new complex, straight ahead then right. You need to use the keypad to unlock it.

Once you’ve sent the message, notice anything new in the communication room?

Hit the button on the machine at lower left, read the code it prints (changes each game).

The keypad is a bit tricky, because it’s not normal.

The buttons are:




Movie reels:

There are three.

One is at the right hand side of the vault.

Another is in the small machine just left of center in the room opposite the vault. Press the green button to retrieve it.

For the last one, back out to the main sewer room and go forwards twice. It’s sitting on the floor next to the staircase.

Getting out:

Watch the movie reels on the large machine at right opposite the vault. Insert them in the top, then click the black area to watch.

Reel 3 is the important one.

Just before the end, we see someone walk into the vault. Notice anything?

Set the dials on that wall like they are in the video. To get to the exit, return to the main sewer area, go straight twice, turn right, enter the elevator, turn right, and press the button. Don’t forget to grab the movie reel from the machine first!

From here it’s easy:

Just hand all your objects through the car window, take the card, and look at it. You win!

Don’t forget to stop and read the various papers lying around, they help set the atmosphere and explain some of the miscellaneous unusable objects we’ve seen.

written by Alex