Covert Front 4; -ak-‘s review

At long last, the tantalizing conclusion for one of more interesting PNC series on the internet. A creation of partnership between Mateusz Skutnik and Karol Konwerski, the Covert Front series focuses on Kara’s stealthy adventure through traps and trickery while uncovering the ongoing mystery of Karl Von Toten’s disappearance and his unknown creation that may changes the fate of their world. Not to mention that Kara’s enemies are already hot on her trail, hoping to find Von Toten first before she does…

The game is afoot!

Oh, wrong genre… Moving on.

All in all, Covert Front 4 promises answers to series’ questions and it didn’t disappoints, even though it also left several new ones up to your interpretations. Deus ex opus it is not, but is it the Covert Front game we all have been waiting for? It definitely is, even though it is marginally different and a bit refreshing than the ones that came before it.


Beautifully muggy and that’s all you need to know. Soft earthy colors, ornate details, and elaborated architectures rule the game in every scene, bringing the world to life through their intricacy without being dominating. Such is the talent of Mateusz Skutnik to ground anything mystical and fantastical down to earth, making the atmosphere of Covert Front eerily realistic. This is especially true with some of more interesting revelations are brought to light, easily propelling the espionage genre into realm of science fiction. The graphic also lends to the game, clearly highlighting objects and areas of importance so navigations and puzzles are easier to handle than many clunky PNC games you can find on the internet.

While the game shone with brilliances, it pales in comparison to the marvelousness that is Covert Front 3’s sheer variety that perfectly compliment its depth. While Covert Front 4 isn’t no slouch when it comes to art style and atmosphere, it simply felt bit hollow in areas where it failed to create a sense of depth and immersion in ways where the very colorful and vibrant settings of CF3 succeeded. It is a bit difficult to feel that you’re actually venturing through different areas when the tones and atmospheres of art style felt very similar, causing the variety in the game to dull.

That is mostly due to situational writing and plot that bring the game to life where it failed to fulfilled its untapped potentials, which will be discussed more in later sections of this review. Even so, this game is gorgeous and that’s all you need to know.

9.2 / 10


Just as haunting and beautiful as the other games in the series. Soothing and unnerving soundtracks quietly dominating the game backing by well designed sound effects. Not to mention that solid voice acting of Kara didn’t detract from the experience.

The only complaint I have about the soundtrack that it isn’t very thrilling, but that’s just me. For the espionage stealth genre, do we really need Hollywood-caliber soundtracks? Even any high-tense non-melodic soundtrack can compliment the series just as well. As far as we’re concerned, we ask for nothing more.

10 / 10


A bit of mutated creature that is difficult to classified. It is not a failure in anyway. It is not a mixed bag either. Nor it is a huge success, even if it is very very good. The navigation is easy and clean, the puzzles are neither extremely difficult nor painfully easy, the menu system is a huge upgrade over the slightly clunky version of CF3. So what keeping this title from reaching the upper echelon of PNC gaming?

Once again it is the case of unfulfilled potential, failing to provide a nice of variety where CF3 succeeded at. Despite the interesting twist the game offered in the late-middle of second chapter, many of the navigations and puzzles felt like they’re artificially inserted there to extend play time and to constantly nudging us into right direction instead of stopping us and forcing us to think about where we need to go many times along the way.

The game’s first chapter in the airfield was the right step in direction, having us tracing down intel to certain address in Libson, but the game turned for weird after reaching the city in second chapter. I was turned off a bit when we found the address so easily, without any assistance of maps or locals. Not to mention that I thought the location would be guarded, making for a nice opportunity to sneak into the house for some sleuth-like inspection. After the smart shift in puzzle for a time, we were then lead to easily find the location of Von Toten by weird deus ex machine. Then for third chapter where I headed deeper into city, meeting military resistance. I wish there could be more to this stealth navigation, slipping through the army that is combing the city. The end puzzles leading to Von Toten are quite nice, though bit lacking in establishing a sense of satisfying payoff. At least we were treated to well directed cutscene at the end.

Covert Front 3 made better uses of its setting, knowing how to play out certain situations using certain kind of tools or skills. Covert Front 4 teased that for a while, but never played out its hand as effectively as CF3 does.

Even so, the unfulfilled potentials couldn’t bogged down what made the game so good: the wondrous airfield, huge city that is easy to navigate (a success considering how challenging that has to be), wicked twist in the middle of game, puzzles that are well designed and can hurt your brain. The whole experiences are constructed well as expected of Mateusz, even if the experiences felt bit shallow with missed potentials.

At least, I will always remember this game for THAT TWIST and some nice tributes, too. For those of you complaining about how difficult it is… if you’re not paying attention to the whole series and what this puzzle ask of you to do, then I pray for your sad sad soul :D

8.5 / 10


A satisfying conclusion that tied up the whole Covert Front story nicely, even if it left some plot holes and unanswered questions. What I love about the game is that it answered and concluded the story of Von Toten and Kara without any needed personal resolutions. The mission is over. That’s the vibe I am getting from the game and it is no less than satisfying.

Even so, there are areas of plot and details that bother me:

– Kara landing onto airfield… with German army already there? Why wasn’t she detected in first place?

– How could Kara find the address in Libson so easily without use of map or local? Was she that well trained or what?

– When Kara first stumbled upon the address, how did she get inside after getting passed out or knocked out? There were no guards shown at all, considering the importance of that location.

– How could the building where Von Toten is in be shimmering like that? If it is artificially created, then how come the army didn’t notice that? They couldn’t have ignore the beams or ripples of energy emanating from it.

Finally, what of the “Organization” that may have kidnapped and keeping Von Toten locked up? To not hear anything of it after being teased about it in three previous games is bit of a slap to the face. Considering that we finished the game having found Von Toten, lack of resolutions about the Organization is the biggest letdown of all. Not to mention that Von Toten’s machine may have fell into German’s hands considering that they’re combing the city, even when Von Toten clearly stated that he didn’t want it to happens. Another missed opportunity.

Even so, there are much to like about the plot with Kara being her usual stealthy self and Manfred being constantly hot on her tail. The final payoff in the end with Kara and Manfred is brutal yet effective. If you didn’t expect Kara to do that, then you forgot that she’s a badass secret agent :D Another of stand out is, of course, the mid-game twist, putting into questions of possibly everything around her and her future. The final scene with Von Toten and Kara is extremely fitting, given the espionage sensibility of the series.

Even with lot of clunky plot details bogging down the game, what I get from this experience that the story certainly went out with a high note.

9.2 / 10

As you can see, Covert Front 4 is an ambitious game that have a lot going on to live up to its expectations. It met most of them while falling well short of several others. Because of this, Covert Front 4 failed to snag the title of “Best in the Series” from amazing Covert Front 3. But don’t go ignoring this game… it may stab you in the back for your attentions when you at least expect it to and you would still love this killer.

I had a lot of fun with this game despite its shortcomings. It may not be one of the greatest games I ever played, but it is one of more enduring endings I have bear witnessed in PNC gaming. The adventures of Kara may have finally found its ending, but in our imaginations would she continues to thrive well into her future espionages.

A perfect end she very well deserved.


9.3 / 10

author: -ak-.