Covert Front ep1; walkthrough

You begin in front of the main entrance. Go right. Pick up GARDEN HOSE by vines.
In the wooden box, pick up GARDEN SCISSORS.
On the wall with the vines, click to find an electric panel. Use scissors on the wires.
Open the door and head in.
Check the picture of the woman on the wall to the right. Notice the time on the clock. 2:35.
Go into the second door on the left. A dining room. Check the clock. Change the hands to the appropriate time. Grab CLOCK KEY.
Go through the doorway on the left. Kitchen. Grab the MATCHES between the grates in front of the fireplace.
Open the middle drawer and take a look inside. One utensil is different from the others. It is an ICE PICK. Grab it.
The opening to the left leads down to the basement. Turn on the light switch. Connect the hose to the contraption by the entrance.
Head back upstairs. In the hallway, under the stairway on the right (very hard to see) is a small storage doorway. Click on it to zoom in, use the icepick on it to unlock it.
Pick up CROWBAR inside. Leave.
Go outside to the manhole (the side with the wires). Use crowbar to open it, leading to a valve. Twist it and get back to the basement.
When the water drains, grab the SILVER KEY. Go back, and upstairs.
The first bedroom on your right has clues to check out; most importantly the end table. Pick up the BOOK and leave.
You can enter the second bedroom for a clue if you want.
Open the right-side bedroom with your key. Place the book in the spot on the lowest shelf. Now, you may notice you can take books out to see their covers. No, it’s not a game of memory. You must pull out the two books with the symbol that is the same as you’ve been seeing all over the house. The eagle crest. When pulled, a secret door opens.
You’re now in a kind of lab. Read the torn book on the desk. Go to the rear table and collect the PLANS. Go to the hideaway desk and use the clock key to open it. Pick up the SIGNET RING.
This has a crest on it as well. Go downstairs, to the end of the hall with the portrait. To the left is a crest indentation. Use signet ring on it. A door opens. Go in.
Go down the ladder and use the matches on the oil lamp. Pick up the FUSE on the ground. Head right twice. Machine room. Use the fuse on the machine. Now you can operate it. Notice the pictures of flying machines on the wall. Go right.
Grates. Use your crowbar. It will break. Watch the short sequence. You’re now in a dungeon. Turn the corner, light a match. To be continued…

written by Utsuki, found on Nordinho


Flying Newspapers! Then…Don’t you love that modern handbag? Give it a click.

Undo the clasp, of course. and then open it.

Take out the contents. You can play with the lipstick. :) Then answer your razor-looking hi-tech spy communication device. A mission!

In the Courtyard:

The door won’t open, surprise. Turn right and grab the garden hose on the ground(for later). Look also at the statue and in the box. Grab the garden scissors.

Check out the left side. Note the grate in the corner and the fusebox on the side of the house. How to disable the locks?

Use your garden scissors on the gold middle panel. Dangerous kids, don’t try this at home. The door is now unlocked (yaaay!)

Welcome to the von Toten Manor: First Floor:

Don’t you love this music? Turn into the first door on the left. Grab the orange matchbook behind the crate, in the fireplace. Open also the second drawer and take the scary labotomy ice pick from between the silverware. Back to the hallway.

Take a good look at that lovely portrait of the woman on the right wall. Blegh.

Click the locked door underneath the stairs on the right. Pick the lock with the ice pick to retrieve the crowbar from behind the lovely bottle of poison.

Head back outside to use it.

In the Courtyard, part 2:

Head left, to that grate in the corner. Pry it open with the crowbar and head down.

In case you can’t figure it out, turn the wheel. Yes, that’s really all. Climb up and back inside.

Welcome back to the von Toten Manor! First Floor:

Let’s go back into the kitchen, the first door on the left. Hang a left in front of the grate into the dark stairwell down to the flooded basement. Water + Electricity? looks dangerous. Hit the light switch on the right for a better view. Look, a key down in the lower left corner. But how to get to it?

Hook up the garden hose to the top of the pump. Flip the switch on the pump.

Grab the key, in case that was counterintuitive. Let’s head back upstairs!

This time though, before you leave the kitchen, head into the dining room, through the archway on the right. You can check out the weird head on the right, but I never got it to do anything. Look at the clock on the left, though…doesn’t that just feel like a puzzle?

Where have we seen a clock before?

Well, if you did as I told you, you should’ve seen it in the background of the woman’s portrait. Put that time on this clock.

Last I checked, it read 2:35. Grab the key in the bottom right compartment, and back out into the hall.

Second Floor:

Hopefully you made your way upstairs, maybe stopping to check that lovely picture on the landing. Again, I think it’s just a red herring, like the head and SO MANY things on this floor that seem like you should be able to pick them up.

Head into the first door on the left, von Toten’s bedroom. This is where the magic happens…but I don’t think the magic is what happened in here too recently–look at that mess.

After realizing you can’t interact with or pick up ANYTHING, click the blue lamp at the left on the other side of the bed and grab the book off the nightstand.

Head into the second door on the left ….which only brings disappointment. There’s nothing to do in here! That screw on the floor just taunts you, doesn’t it.

Use the key from the basement on the right door. Books? Hmmm looks like a puzzle agaiiiin….

Place YOUR book on the lower right portion of the shelf. Then you can click around at all the books and try to match up the symbols

…..but in the end, no other books matter than those with that eagle insignia you might’ve seen around the house, so only keep those out, and push the rest back in. If you’ve actually TRIED to play the game and not just follow this Walkthrough, you should’ve found the guy’s portrait on the back wall covered in that logo.

If you can’t find both books, though, it’s the short red one in the middle of the top shelf, and the 3/4 tall beige-grey one at the left of the third shelf from the top. Look, a secret passage!

Second Floor, continued:

Grab the rotating floaty ball things in the right corner, and then inspect the desk at the left. Grab the plans. Next, click the desk on the back wall, in the left corner.

Use the clock key in the gold hole. WHOOO BOOTY! Too bad you can’t take it all. What a virtuous spy you are, indeed. However, jack the ring from the back right corner.

Go Back and click the desk with the red chair. Look at the book (which does you no good…but you can get a little joy from the name “Manfred” hehehe)

Go back, back to the library, back to the second floor, back to the first floor, and then, back to the back wall.

First Floor, yet again:

Let’s go to the back wall and check out that portrait of Von Toten. If you head to the left, you see ….more stuff you can’t do anything with. To the right of the portrait, you find a bathroom….again, with nothing to interact. I guess all that’s left is the portrait itself, or more importantly….

a hole in the wall, featuring our new favorite symbol. Let’s stick that ring in there, since the symbols match. Hey, pretty high-tech for 1904, hmm? Although that Razor device in the intro wasn’t very believable either. haha

Well, I guess we’re headed in. Go down the ladder.

Use your matches to light the lamp and illuminate the well-hidden fuse on the floor in the middle of the screen, right next to that rock. Right again and there’s MORE stuff you can’t mess with. Darn. One step over there, and you can interact with this big thing.

Sitck your fuse in the tray with the two others. Flip the round switch under the guages.

OH NO AN ALARM!!!! You wondered what those speakers were all over the house, didn’t you? Turns out they weren’t just broadcasting this lovely violin track. Head one screen to the right. Use your crowbar on the grate. Oops, broke it. No time to mope, head on in.

You’re in the sewers, but you can still hear that blaring alarm. Hope you didn’t wake the neighbors. Turn left to see…almost nothing. It’s so dark. Light a match to see your way. It burns down and….to be continued? How suspenseful.

Congrats! You made it (with help)! All in All, a short game by comparison, I mean…no secrets, not a lot of excess stuff, puzzles pretty straightforward–unless I missed something. I’m sure we’re just being lulled into a false sense of security, and the later chapters will be completely bewildering.

written by Jacob, found on JayisGames


go right and take sheers from box and hose from under the vines.
go left twice and use the sheers on the fuse box
Enter house and take note of the picture to your right
Go to the first door in your left
take matchbook from fireplace and icepick from middle cupboard(under table)
Go left and use the hallway picture to get the Clock Key
Go back to the hallway and look at the locked door
Use the icepick on the lock and get the crowbar
Head outside, go left and click the ‘box’ or wall
Use crowbar on sewer and turn off the pipe.
Head to the kitchen and down to the basement (next to fireplace)
Turn on the lights and use the pipe on the machine near the door and turn it on. Take the key.
Go upstairs
Take the first door on the left
Look behind the bed(table) and get the book.
Go back and use the library key on the rightmost door.
Place book in bottom row of bookshelf and pull out books;
1st row, fattest book
3rd row, nearest book
Take the rotating thing and turn left to take plans
Use zoom in and use the clock key on the cabinet and take ring
Go down to hallway and go forwards
Look at round indentation on the left wall of the picture and use ring
Head down and use the match on the oil lamp. Pick up fuse
Head right twice and use the fuse on the machine
Turn it on
go right and use crowbar on grate and head into it
Go left and use match.

written by Radial; found on LazyLaces