Covid-19 Quarantine April

Day 21. Guess where I’ve been today.

Day 22. Muh subconscious.

Day 23. Release of 10 Gnomes in Malmo.

Day 24. An idea for next Submachine.

Day 25. Fly.

Day 26. The Lighthouse.

Day 27. Since I can’t show you drawings for the new game – I’m showing you ALL the drawings for the new game. And there will be more…

Day 28. What is it, daddy?

Day 29. Well, back to it. Next batch of ink drawings for the big game…

Day 30. It’s not finished yet, but please, do come in.

Day 31. Easter is cancelled. Tradition is not.

Day 32. Revelation.

Day 33. Should we even keep counting?…

Day 34. Things I can’t show you yet.

Day 35. Sandman returns.

Day 36. Ideas for NEW Submachine come as they please.

Day 37. Boxed in.

Day 38. Let me out.

Day 39. Boxed in in color.

Day 40. Advanced lighting system. Top of the line I’d even say.

Day 41. Never forget.

Day 42. I had to draw a cheat sheet for my wife so she could understand all time jumps in “the Last Dance”. :D

Day 43. Layers, like in photoshop. Except in real life.

Day 44. Layered, colored.

Day 45. :D

Day 46. Meanwhile, outside.

Day 47. That’s it, I’m going back underground. Or should I say: I’m going subterranean.

Day 48. Meanwhile, outside.

Day 49. Yes, my sketches are basic, I admit.

Day 50. Day… 50… Let that sink in… Day… Fifty…