Covid-19 Quarantine May

Day 51. People often ask me – are there going to be any pipes in my new game.

Day 52. People also often ask me – are there going to be any machines in my new game.

Day 53. I might have gone a bit overboard with this one…

Day 54. Just relaxing underground…

Day 55. Just relaxing underground in color.

Day 56. I sense a theme…

Day 57. Imagine darkness.

Day 58. Never mind, I did it for you.

Day 59. Early morning totally professional game design session.

Day 60. Teleporter designed by my daughter. :D

Day 61. Now with more energy.

Day 62. So, by now we’re two inktobers deep in this. Cool, cool.

Day 63. Let’s stay connected.

Day 64. The plan.

Day 65. Find the trip-up.

Day 66. Execute.

Day 67. Let’s face it.

Day 68. Impatient improv.

Day 69. Meanwhile in the loop.

Day 70. Meanwhile, today I made some changes in the Submachine Card Game. This card is now obsolete.

Day 71. Immortalised yesterday’s fallen card by redrawing it in my sketchbook.

Day 72. And the transformation is complete.

Day 73. Back in business.

Day 74. Sunday grind.

Day 75. Abundance of clicks.

Day 76. Almost forgot.

Day 77. The grind.

Day 78. Cross hatched crossword.

Day 79. Hello there.

Day 80. Thank You for watching. Good night and good luck.