Covid-19 Quarantine March

Day 1. The work continues.

day 2. Quarantine.

Day 3. Time to pack?

Day 4. Hang on.

Day 5. We’re in this together.

Day 6. Sidequest: find gnomes. :D

Day 7. #AloneTogether.

Day 8. This feels like inktober…

Day 9. … but it’s actually #inkorona. Sidenote: do NOT board your windows.

Day 10. On hold.

Day 11. Familiar sketchbook.

Day 12. Late night fear.

Day 13. 13 is not my lucky number.

Day 14. State of mind after two weeks of isolation.

Day 15. Back to the roots.

Day 16. Change of subject.

Day 17. Oh, hai.

Day 18. Coming soon to a quarantine near You!

Day 19. Trolling gnomes since 2008.

Day 20. Don’t ask.