Daymare Cat, Flash Mush review

I have never reviewed nor spotlighted a flash game from Pastel Stories although he makes some great flash titles that you all should be familiar with such as the Submachine and Daymare Town series. Well after the release of Daymare Cat I loved it so much I felt I should feature it over here finally on FlashMush.

If you have never played his other series, Submachine is essentially a point and click adventure game. I mention this as Daymare Cat has similar aspects but in a platforming medium instead. What I mean by this is the goal in Daymare Cat is to essentially find all the records to play on turntables to open a door and to do so you need to find items scattered throughout the crazy world and place them in the right spots. Now don’t let the platforming aspect of Daymare Cat scare you off as it is nothing challenging just the medium chosen for gameplay to help move everything along.

Now where Daymare Cat really shines is in the music (by Cat Jahnke) and the graphical design. Since Daymare Cat is kind of music based (with the records and such) music plays a great role in Daymare Cat and find it really sets this surreal ambiance that is amazing. Combine this with the crazy artistic hard to explain style of graphics you get one of the best looking flash games I’ve played in a while. Overall, Daymare Cat is a pleasure to look at and play.

FlashMush Reviews Rating: 8.5/10