Daymare Cat, Manitoba Music review

Video gaming is a massive industry with millions of rabid players across the globe. Getting music placed in games has become another important marketing angle for musicians and composers.

Singer/songwriter Cat Jahnke falls into both groups, enjoying gaming and having had a few of her songs featured in games, including the wildly popular Dance Dance Revolution. Now, Jahnke’s taken it a step further: this time she is part of the game.

A fan of award-winning indie gamer designer Mateusz Skutnik from Pastel Games, Jahnke reached out to him on Twitter. The resulting back-and-forth led not only to his interest in her music but to her becoming a central character in one of his games.

The new game, Daymare Cat, is a supplementary game to Skutnik’s award-winning Daymare Town series. Gamers can point and click to move Jahnke’s avatar, rendered in elaborate hand-drawn lines, eventually revealing her new song “Better”, which can be downloaded when the game is finished. The featured music comes courtesy of Jahnke’s new musical project, Cat and The Menagerie.

Released on June 24, the game has already racked up over 370,000 plays, is on more than 130 different gaming websites, and has received impressive ratings and reviews. The song has been downloaded almost 15,000 times and has helped attract over 5,000 subscribers to Cat and The Menagerie.

“It’s difficult to put into words the level of excitement I’ve experienced since the release of Daymare Cat,” says Jahnke. “I love writing music and I love getting absorbed in a good video game; so to be able to not only contribute music to a game series that I adore but actually be featured in the game as the main character is truly like a dream to me.”

Jahnke will be focusing on her Menagerie, including a planned released of “Better”. Stay tuned for an album and upcoming live performances.