Daymare Cat; text playthrough

1. You start off with the “tutorial” controls (arrow keys) right above your head. Just keep going right and jumping until you get to a crank, press down to activate it, then press left to see that a platform has been lowered. Jump on it and jump above the screen.

2. Once you have exited the hole, go to the far left and get the SIMPLE KEY. Go right again and past the hole you entered.

3. There should be a stump with a hole in it, and a down arrow above it. Press down to use the Simple Key. Move to the doorway and press down to enter.

4. You are now in a tunnel. Going to the dark doorway reveals a room with a phonograph in it. There’s nothing in the room right now, so exit and go to the right.

5. Keep going right until you exit the tunnel. Down below on a balcony, you can see the FIRST RECORD. You can’t get to it yet, so just keep going right.

6. Time for a little platforming fun! Just make your way over to the right side of the screen using the pillars. Don’t worry if you fall – you don’t lose anything and you start back at the left side of the screen. Once you hit the other side, keep going until you see a doorway, and enter it.

7. Go to the far right and you will see a door. You will also see a hole that, if you try to interact with it by pressing down, seems to be missing a handle. Nothing else here, so keep moving to the right.

8. You will find another crank. Operate it, then go all the way to the left until you hit the platform screen again.

9. Jump on the ledge above your head to the newly-flipped platforms to get the TURN HANDLE. then go back to the right, through the doorway, to the closed door and put the handle it in its place. Go through the door.

10. You will see another record above your head on a balcony. Go right to the next screen and see a phonograph. Go right once more to a large door with five trumpets sitting above it. Use the two bricks as platforms to get to the doorway above the large trumpeted door, and enter.

11. Go to the far right first, skip the doorway, and collect the PYRAMID on the shelf. Turn around and go through the doorway you passed on the way.

12. Go to the far left on the balcony to collect the SECOND RECORD. (Don’t worry, you’ll get the first one eventually). Instead of putting this record in the phonograph underneath this balcony, put this one in the phonograph in the dark tunnel at the beginning – it will save you a ton of backtracking in the long run.

13. Once you’ve done that, return to the trumpeted door and enter the doorway above it again. This time, go left one screen to see a broken doorway. Enter it. (Going left two screens reveals another phonograph and nothing else.)

14. Do the platform puzzle, go to the right, and enter the doorway. Use the gray “bricks” to climb above the screen. The next screen will be the same thing, but with a bell. Use the support beam for the bell to go to the left. Then, use the support on the left and the demon’s tail to get on the platform, then use the demon’s back to get the THIRD RECORD. Go back to the bell and simply fall down the middle to get back out.

15. Go left, back over the platforms, and out the door to the broken doorframe. Go left to the phonograph and use the third record on it. Then, leave this area and get back to the trumpeted door.

16. This time, go right. Use the pyramid on the pedestal next to you to flip the other platform around, then go up and onto the gazebo roof.

17. This one’s a bit trickier because the platforms move – but really, you’re aiming to land in the mouth at the bottom of the screen anyway. So don’t worry about getting over to the other side quite yet.

18. Once you have landed in the mouth, go right two screens to see the FOURTH RECORD. There is a platform there so you can get to it. Once you have it, go right two screens into daylight. Continue right until you find a trampoline, and use it to go to the left platform.

19. Use the fourth record on the phonograph, then go right again, using the trampoline to go right this time. Move to the middle platform, then left to the doorway, and enter. Grab the first record (told you we’d grab it eventually!) and exit.

20. Use the trampoline to reach the second trampoline, and go up. This platformer uses trampolines; you need to grab the CROSS KEY on the right side of the screen, and exit at the top left side of the screen.

21. When you land, go right to grab the FIFTH RECORD. Then go left two screens to another locked door, and use the cross key on it. Go inside and use one of the records on the phonograph. Once you’ve done that, exit and go left.

22. Jump back over the moving platforms to the left side. If you fall, just try not to land in the mouth, or you’ll have to do the whole trampoline puzzle again to get out. Once you land by the pyramid’s pedestal, go left to the final phonograph, and place the record on it.

23. Go into the trumpeted door which is now open. Watch the cutscene and collect your prize at the end.

source: jay is games