Daymare Town 3 – Barts review

I intended not to post on the first of April, lest whatever I post gets read as a joke. Still, I have found a thing of beauty yesterday and I absolutely must share it with the world. Called Daymare Town 3 (which suggests two titles before it), this game is one of the most mesmerizing Flash experiences in my recent online gaming.

Daymare Town 3 was drawn and coded by Mateusz Skutnik, Polish comic book and (recently) Flash game artist. The story is weird, player starts locked in a hospital room and has to get out from it, then from the hospital and then from town. Sounds strange? It is, but it also is great.

The art plus the music create a surreal experience that really reminds me of having a dream, not necessarily a very bad one, but a dream nevertheless. Weird things happen, approaching to see a painting may result in being sucked in it, in some places one can have a deja vu, other characters in this world, while not hostile, are mostly incomprehensible in their behaviour, there are small eyeless gnomes to be found, spiders to be fed and overabundance of items that will not all necessarily prove useful. Plus there are achievements, for the completists.

My final recommendation is the fact that even though I don’t like point’n’click games, I completed it in one lengthy session, because I just couldn’t leave this world. It was as if I really was stuck in this strange dimension. Note that for the time being there is no solution or walkthrough (although players at JayIsGames are sharing their tips in comments) – which is a good thing, because one may experience this unique adventure on one’s own, as it should be. Go play it now or you will miss something great!

written by Barts