Daymare Town 4 dev log #1 – Why does it take so long?

There is a pressing question hanging over my head and I want to address it today. Daymare Town 4. Why does it take so long?… Actually, this can be answered quite simply. Just take a look at these two pictures:

This is Daymare Town 1:


And this is Daymare Town 4:


I think those two pictures are quite self explanatory. It takes time, because DMT1 was done 6 years ago, and it was just a side sketch project. Since then it grew to become arguably my most important world and the best series of games. And while the submachine world is kind of closed in it’s mechanics and structure, the daymare world proved to be flexible and able to contain different gameplay architectures. Yes, latest addition of Daymare Cat kind of paved the way of evolution of this series. More on that in 2014.

Now. If you looked at those pictures above and still said to yourself: “So? Why does it take so long?…” – then I DARE you to watch this video and actually sit through it till the end. This is a stream of me creating the above picture.

After you’ve watched it – realize that this is just one location in a game that contains over 100 of them. True, not all of them are so complex, but any one that’s still not drawn COULD be, if you know what I mean. And this is not 9 to 5 job either. This is what people call creative work. It can’t be done on the clock.

So, after all this, if you’re still asking why does it take so long and WHEN the game’s going to be ready, then… uhm…. no, I’ve got nothing for you.

Or you can watch this.