I’m back…

… and with some good material. Of course it was a rather laid back two week break from everything, but on the other hand I came up with an idea of creating a silent ‘revolutions’ comic to match previously made ‘the ordinary day’. Those two combined give a printable material, that will probably be printed in one pocket sized mini album. I must say that there is a dose of pure pleasure in sitting in an cafe on the portugese beach, sippin’ tea, spending about an hour daily on creating a hand made comic album. It was supposed to be 24-page album, but turned out I couldn’t fit the story that came up to my brain on that number of pages, so it’s a 32-page comics. It’s all black and white for now, needs to be watercoloured before printing, which I’ll do ‘I have absolutely no idea when’, but eventually… Anyway, here is the first and the second page from that album: