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This one is truly a blast from the past. It’s one of my older games. It was featured on this site, back in 2005 before *the big submachine rumble* when I had all my games on my server. But then, when to my surprise submachine consumed most of my yearly transfer limit in one week I had to take all the games down. And they reappear slowly on different servers, and so did this one. However, two years passed by, I decided to make some improvements to this game. Changed background a little bit, changed controls from pressing space bar to clicking mouse (as it’s a modern tendency that most of games are mouse-controlled), so it’s a new game in a way. nevertheless, here it is. Enjoy. The name of the game is a story of it’s own. First I was making games in which *the orange fella* was attacking the squirrels, this was the first game in which a squirrel fights back. Hence – the title.