Submachine 10, Dragon Flames review

Wow… just wow… I wonder if the concept is that M wanted to help people escape the Submachine like the Matrix idea, and each time he goes after one, the sub-machine resets itself or if every sublayer actually has the exact same thing and one more person is able to escape using the clues left in the notes infused with karma. Who invented the submachine? How many people before me (the person who just escaped) was able to get out?
I guess time and space doesn’t exist per say in the Submachine, or else it can pass by at a different rate, but it seems that our time travelers are aging a bit.
You know, Mr. Skutnik, It might have been 10 years for you, but ever since the Lab, ( Sub 4 I believe), I have been replaying every one of your Submachine games from the beginning. I just finished doing so now. I will admit that I don’t have the ability not to use a hint here or there, especially for some pesky little secrets ( like the one in the red storage room in this game), but I have enjoyed every moment of it. It’s because of artists like you that I work hard in order to make more than I need… so that I can offer you monthly contributions through Patreon. However, right now I can’t, so I play the games and give reviews… It’s been…. never that a game or series of game left me with the emptiness that lingers within a fan when a series ends. I have played series that have lasted far beyond 10 parts, but they haven’t come close to the involvement that I have felt playing your games… Especially the questions I am left with.

I have yet to know if you had planned Submachine 10 to tie into the other submachines as well as you did, or if you just used whatever you could to tie it all together, since pointless aspects in other games, like the Arcade game in the Lighthouse basement, were rather pointless in their original apperance. But it really doesn’t matter. It was stitched together seamlessly and flawlessly.
I still have about 9’900 characters allowed that are left, and I would gladly use them to sing your praises, but, in all honestly, I am just awestruck and amazed at the experiance you have created and I have shared with you through your game. You are an amazing game master creator, a wonderful storyteller, and a beautiful historian by capturing aspects of the past in each of your games.
Well done. Bravo. Kudos and farewell.
Until your next release.

December 24, 2015