Submachine 2 sketch, secrets guide

  1. Secrets 1-4: You can find 4 secrets from the metal arm mechanism, just left of the first screen.
  2. Secret 5: is found on the chair in the ‘left room’
  3. Secret 6: is found in the ‘right room’ to the wall to the right of the projector. Click on the bottom-right corner to find the most well-hidden secret.
  4. Secret 7: Is located in the ‘blue room’ at the start of the game on the wall behind the metal arm mechanism. From the center point of the mechanism, go left three squares and up one. Whe you click on the panel it will break, and the seventh secret will be revealed.

Make sure to get this secret as well as secrets 1-4 before leaving the ‘blue room’, because you cannot come back here after opening the door projected by the widom gem.

Congratulations! You have found all 7 secrets!

compiled  by Zack