Submachine 1, walkthrough

written by PinkMami at

1. Go 3 rooms over to the left and up. Get the valve hidden behind the pipes. Also pull the switch.

2. Go back over 3 rooms where you started. Go up the ladder and pull the switch. Go back down. Then go one room over to the left and go down. Go down again. Pull the switch. There is also a diary page but you don’t need it. You could read it for laughs I guess. Go down again. Then go right.

3. You should be in a room with bells. Click the bells in this order:

4th bell – 1st bell – 2nd bell. Now the box below should open and get Tile D.

4. Go back one left. Then go up 2 ladders. Now left one and down one. Get the coin and go back up one and one right.

5. Go back one right. One down and right one. Now you shold be in a room with a radio. Hover over the button on the radio (the right button) and hold it until the shelf opens and get the spoon inside.

6. Now go left one room and up one. Then left again. Now go down 2 ladders and go to the left room. Click one the lock on the right of the box.

7. Now is the time to use the coin. Click on the coin and look at the number on the top. Those 4 numbers are what you will enter in the lock combination. Then click on the box and get the fuse. Then go out the door left.

8. Look at the top left of the room and look at the silver rectangle. Look at the 3 circles and remember what it looks like. For example it could be like this: (-) (l) (-).

9. Go up 2 rooms. Then one left. Now you should be in a room with a pipe and 3 tube-like things connecting them. Click on the bottom part of the tube that has circles like this: (-) (-) (-) Remember the circles before? Use the pattern you saw before and make sure the circles match the pattern. Now after that go back one room right.

10. Go up one and left one. Now you should be in a room with a long pipe going down. Drag the valve you got before and place it on the pipe. This is IMPORTANT! Make sure all the switches you came across are pulled! Now after you make sure they are, push the valve. You should hear some waterish steaming noise.

11. Go left one and down one. Now right one and down one. Now right one and you should be back at the room with the radio. Go down the ladder.

12. The pipe should be broken. There should also be a pearl on the floor. Get it and go back up. Then left. Now the fuse you got before (a white cylinder type thing with red lines), place the fuse in the empty spot. Now go up onw room then left one. Then go up one and right 2. There should be a generator. Pull the switch and it should have an electric surge.

13. Go back to the room with the radio. Now go up one and a piece of the tile should be spinning in a circle. Get it and leave. Now go back to the generator and here’s where the spoon comes in. Drag the spoon over to the electric surge and it should explode. Now wait for the small door at the bottom of the generator to open. There’s another tile.

14. Now go 4 rooms to the left. Now the pearl is gonna be usd. Drag the pearl over to the end of the rope on the clock and a small door should open on it. There’s the last piece. Now go back 2 rooms to the right and place each piece on.

15. There! Now a elevator should appear after the diamond spins. Go in and push the top button. Wait and push the bottom button and go now there should be 2 doors. One red and one blue. It doesn’t matter which door you go though because either way you still beat the game.