Submachine 10, -ak-‘s review

The end of era.

A decade worth of intrigues, mysteries, and theories all come together in an absolute full loop and ended resoundingly in the only place where we could possibly be.

Rest assured that the majestic and atmospheric network of Submachine has deserved its proper conclusion to one of the most creatively-crafted PNC series ever conceived by taking you to places you never expected to land and still managed to enjoy their ominous architectures while solving deviously designed puzzles. We expected nothing less from outer dimension of the mind, Mateusz Skutnik, and yet he still deliver unexpected development that’s the core signature of Submachine series.

Submachine 10: the Exit is the game we ardent fans absolutely deserve the chance to play a main Submachine game one last time, one that Mateusz deserves to end the series with.



Our last song and dance as Mateusz constantly outdoing himself with wicked architecture and set pieces that continue Submachine’s latest run of fusing gameplay with plot development. The latest installment might ends up being his best effort yet with slew of new locations to explore that actually and constantly expands the background of Submachine Network itself and they’re nothing less than masterpieces. Not to ignore all of minor details sprinkling the locations, each bringing several small, yet new, stories to already huge game (and series as well).

Some of you might complains that his artworks are reminiscence of his previous iron-man efforts with Submachine Universe and I say this quite equals or bests even that. This is the continuation of exploration and history of Submachine Network itself, showcasing how potentially and ridiculously huge this universe is and Mateusz pulled off with spade.

Score: 10/10



To be honest, I came into the game expecting a grandiose soundtracks that continue the latest gorgeous streak done by ThumpMonks in the last three installments. While the overall package may fails to impress and endure comparing to several classics in the series, they’re still composed extremely well to avoid being a thudding disappointment. The soundtracks are at best comparable to Submachine Universe’s collection of interesting ambients and that compliment this installment quite well. Even some audiophiles will find their favorites within the game and that’s good enough for me.

Each ambient are made exactly as they should fit within the Submachine’s environment while top-notch sound design still delivers. Several classics (old and new) encompass the game with chirps, blips, and chimes to each and every interaction, cleverly bringing life to imposingly sense of places.

You will still feel like you’re there and you will very well enjoy it.

Score: 8.5/10



After the explosion of plot twists and developments done in by previous installments, I honestly thought there’s no avenues left to explore within the Submachine Network.

How so very wrong I was.

Besting even his previous efforts in the last slew of games, Mateusz holds no barrage in making sure every locations hold their stories. Some of plot we learn from notes, some we see through environment left behind by those who were there, and some are actually missing pieces teased in previous installments that are now mixing together to create a cohesive whole that is the Submachine Network. This is the game where all of clues and hints are finally coming together, either obviously or cleverly hidden, enabling us to put together all possible avenue and puzzles of stories that Mateusz left behind in this game.

Best thing about this game is that after 10 years of rabid fans throwing out theories after theories, a lot of its stories and histories are now starting to make sense.

This includes how we, the Players, are involved in this series from the start from storytelling’s standpoint and it’s so deviously brilliant. Not to mention some of very nice minor twists throwing our expectations right out of the window.

And finally after all of those years, nothing could have prepare us for one of most absolute jaw-dropping final scenes we could ever hope for.

A perfect end to the story.

Score: 10/10



The Super Metroid of Submachine series. That’s no higher praises than I could give to a game.

Not even after braving through each installment and engrossing myself in fan favorites’ Submachine 4, 7, and 9 could have possibly prepare us for how oppressively huge Submachine 10 is.

Prepare yourself for huge back-breaking amount of back-tracking. If you hated exploration game and somehow found yourself in this game, then I pray for your poor wretched soul for this game is impressively the biggest yet, dwarfing even the previously large Sub_9.

All of classic elements that made Submachine series famous all lovingly returned here and they’re pushed to their very limit with not only huge amount of locations to explore, but also large assortment of items to collect and puzzles to solve. They all fits extremely well within their environment as well as helping push the story forward even when you’re stuck looking for the next direction.

And getting stuck is what will happens to you a lot. This is definitely the hardest installment in series and fittingly so given such an ambitiously huge scope in this game. Mateusz was smart in providing us, the Players, countless locations and puzzles to solve so they’re never linear and provide us several opportunities to tackle if we’re happened to be stuck in one. The game encourages us to keep exploring while throwing more and more puzzles at us, begging us to find a way through and rewarding us by providing more of beautiful locations and tantalizing story to read. And don’t forget the secrets, too. There’s several of them this time around and are just as hard as ever.

The only criticism against this game is that it can be very frustrating if you don’t know where to go. At this point in the series, you should be well-prepared to solve anything that Mateusz throws at us.

And having fun doing it so.

Score: 10/10



All in all, this is quite possibly the best Submachine game ever conceived and one hell of a proper ending to the whole series.

But wait, what about the Submachine itself?

The mysterious architectures that constantly dogged our theories and explanations?
The very setting that’s elemental core of every installment to date?
The one huge object or something that bogged our minds years after years after years?

Just what is it, truly?

Depending on what you’re looking for, you may finally find your answers with open arm(s).



And I think I have.
And I am glad for it, too.


Written by -ak-