Submachine 2 sketch, walkthrough

written by Zack

In the starting ‘blue room’ (made up of four flat walls), there are three things you can do. Click the neddle on the gramophone in the room to the right of the starting point, and the jungle/wilderness music will stop playing. This is not actually collectable, but it is something that you can interact with. Other than that, there are technically no collectable items here.

:With the wisdom gem you collected from the extended version of Submachine 1: The Basement, you can place it between the two circular conductors raised with a metal stand, connected by wires to a metal box. This room is opposite to the starting point. When the wisdom gem is placed correctly, a blinking door will project onto the wall. Make sure to get the 4 secrets from the metal arm mechanism in this ‘blue room’.

Secret 7: Is located  on the wall behind the metal arm mechanism. From the center point of the mechanism, go left three squares and up one. Whe you click on the panel it will break, and the seventh secret will be revealed.

:Now that we are in the main hallway, we can collect two keys neccessary to open two door in the game. The ’silver key’ is located on top of either the ‘right door’ or the ‘left door’ (it changes each time you play) and the ‘bronze key’ is located on top of one of two windows (this changes each time you play; you must click the window once to be able to spot the key.) The ‘copper key’ is already in our inventory from the start of the game, although we have no idea why.

:The cog wheel is obtained by zooming in on the scarelet liquid oozing out of the ‘blood room’. Before you grab it, there is something written in blood you can zoom in to read (after you look at the spilled blood once and then zoom out). it says, “C=”, with a three-clawed (or handed) scratch mark. After obtaining the cog wheel, something is added to the blood message when you zoom out (this will be added to the wall the second time you zoom out from the spilled blood, regardless of wether or not you took the cog wheel). It now says, “C=2″. Creepy, huh?

:There is a light ficture above the ‘blood door’, and when zoomed in on, you will find that one of the screws is loose. Unfortunately, Mateusz Skutnik changed his mind about how he was going to make this game (which was a darn good decision, mind you) before he had the chance to provide us with a screwdriver. So, the loose screw gives us no other purpose other than to mock us. Meh, it’s cool anyways.

:The ’silver key’ is used on the ‘left door’. The only objects in here are a lamp and a chair. The chair holds a secret (finally), and the lamp serves no purpose unless you enjoy madly turning electrical decor switches on and off.

:The ‘right door’ is already unlocked. This room contains a projector, and a blank wall to the right of it. Look at the blank wall and pick up ‘diary 2′. Note that this was once of the things carried over to the finished Submschine 2, as well as ‘diary 1′, the cog wheel, the red chair, the lamp, the projector, the wisdom gem holder and metal box, the Submachine 2 “see where it takes you” machine, einstein’s famous theory (e=mc2, what c equals is written in blood after finding the cog wheel, and what m equals is written at the bottom of ‘diary 2′. We never got to use the code in this prototype.), the projector, the lightbulb, room keys, and the gramophone, just to name a few. Anyways, after obtaining the note, click the bottom-right corner of the wall to find the sixth (and most well hidden) secret.  There is one more thing to do in this room; use the projector. Place the cog wheel, as well as the lightbulb (which was in your inventory from the start of the game) into the projector. Look into the lens, and you hopefully realize that you forgot to turn the machine on. Do so, and look into the lens again. “Wait a minute!” you might say, “All I see is static.” And if you said that, then you are absolutely correct. No matter what you click; no matter what items you drag onto the screen; no matter how long you watch the stat; you will NEVER see what the film labled ‘memory’ contained. Bummer, eh? It kind of gives you that uneasy feeling, as if the main character doesn’t remember anything, his mind is blank. Does this have anything to do with walking through a half-existing door created by a wisdom gem? Yeah, probably.

:There is only one more thing to do in this unfinished game, and that is to find out what doors your two remaining keys unlock. The ‘bronze key’ has no purpose other than to be a waste of your inventory. Don’t even try using it on the ‘blood door’, it doesn’t work. Oh, and just to mention, you might feel disappointed when you discover that after obtaining the cog wheel, you can’t even go back to the ‘blue room’ to use it on gramophone. There is one unexamined object in your inventory, the ‘copper key’ that was residing comfortably in your inventory from the moment yoy read the words, “see where it takes you”. Between the ‘right door’ and the ‘right window’ lies a staircase. Climb it to gaze upon your final destination. Use the ‘copper key’ on this last door to reveal…a blue screen? No, not THAT blue screen. Instead of the error screen that crashes your computer, you are greeted with a light blue message from Mateusz Skutnik. Although this is supposed to be when the game ends, you actually have two options: close the window, or click the bottom of the game screen to continue playing right where you left off (you will find yourself back in front of the exit door). Meh, let’s read it, shall we? It is dated October 23, 2009, and basically says that the sketch ends here, he apologizes, then goes on to say that he hopes that the time you spent playing his unfinished Submachine was time well spent (and it better have been, I spent a long time writing this).

:As you undoubtly by now have discovered, the secrets of the ‘blood door’ are to be forever locked away with a padlock of prototype discontinuation.