Submachine 2, walkthrough

written by Misterfishy on

Bottom Floor:

Zoom in on game machine, find 1 secret (1) – thnx, helanren.

Go all the way to the left, and head up the stairs.

pick up cog wheel

1 secret (2)

Use the Wisdom Gem in the stand. Click on the ball at the top of the antenna thing to drop down a ladder.

Go to the right two rooms. Zoom in on the phonograph.

Use the cog wheel (drag the cog wheel onto the phonograph)

Click the button

A ladder somewhere upstairs will drop.

zoom out

The Red rooms:

Finding the value to c:

Climb the ladder once.

Go to the right.

Zoom in on the bottom left-hand corner of the contraption, and jot down what C equals

Getting the room key:

Go back to the left and climb the ladder.

Enter sewer pipe. At the end of the pipe pick up the room key.

Getting the fork:

Climb the ladder – this is the topmost red room

Head to the right.

Click on the cutout and get the fork and 1 secret (3).

The yellow floors:

Go back to the ladder and head up.

Head left and take the stairs all the way up.

Pick up 1 secret (4) in the rubble.

Go all the way to the right. Pick up 1 secret (5)

Head left once.

pick up pamphlet.

zoom in on picture. zoom in again. take note of the dotted code

Go left again. You can switch on the light. I’m not sure if it does anything. Pick up 1 secret (6)

Go left to the screen with two doors (skip the metal looking door for now). You can switch on the light – again, I’m not sure if that actually does something.

Enter the left door. Grab the cat note. Exit the room.

Use the room key to enter the right room. Grab the sewer key. Exit the room.

Go right, and take the stairs all the way down. Then go right, then down.

Use the sewer key on the sewer cover.

The Sewers:

My suggestion is that you make a map of everything so that you don’t miss any squares, but below are the things you’ll find in the sewers, then there’s a section on how to get those things, all are relative from the screen where you see the sewer opening in the red room.

What you’ll find in the sewers:

5 secrets (11)

Switch handle

positive coil

2nd floor key

letter to liz

Details on how to get those items:

Secrets and note to liz:

– Go left until you find a secret.

– Go left 4 times, down once.

– Go left 4 times, down 3 times, right once, up once (3 secrets) + note to liz

Positive Coil

Go left 8 times, down once, right once.

2nd floor key:

left 2 times, down once, right once.

Switch handle:

left 6 times, down two times, left once, down once, right once. Solve the puzzle.

Exit the room. down once, right twice, up once. Grab the switch.

Exit the sewers.

The teal rooms:

Climb the ladder into the teal rooms. Climb the ladder again, and take the tunnel on the right, and go to the end. Use the switch handle.

Go back to the first teal room. Go left once. Click on one of the tiles to reveal a secret (12) (thnx Role!)

Take the stairs all the way up again.

Go to the right once, and go through the metal door. Pick up the negative coil.

Go up twice. Use the 2nd floor key on the door.

Go left once. Take the Diary 2 note from the typewriter.

Go left again. Take the movie memory.

Head 3 rooms to the right. Click on the glowing teal thing, and enter in the dot code from earlier.

Click the teal button.

Take the light bulb.

Go to the right.

Click on the moving stick figure. 4 secrets (16)

Grab Note to Myself

The green rooms:

Go back to metal door, and exit it.

Take the ladder down to the next door.

Go left and take the stairs all the down.

Go to the leftmost room with the movie camera.

Insert the light bulb and movie memory.

Flip the switch.

Look at the picture, and grab the ID card

The metal tower:

Go back up the stairs to the yellow-brown floor. Go to the right to the metal door, and enter it. Follow the ladders all the way up

Use the fork on the broken wire, and flip the switch handle.

Go left and up.

The 4-digit code: e = m*c^2

m can be found on the note called diary 2. (c was found earlier)

go back down, and go all the way to the right, then climb the ladder. Pick up 1 secret (17)

Click on the buttons next to the red dots until all the red buttons turn teal.

Go down and left. Climb the ladder twice.

If you go left, grab 1 secret (18)

If you go right, use the positive and negative coils

Climb the ladder again three times until you see the portal – looks like a big bulb with purple wires around it.

Pick up 1 secret (19) and portal note.

To the right of the portal: pick up the digout key.

To the left of the portal: put the ID in the slot

Use the digout key by going back to the ladder, and climb down it 9 times to get to the yellow floor. Go all the way to the left and use the digout key.

In the tunnel, pick up 1 secret (20) and the fuse.

Go back to the portal, put the fuse in the room to the right. Flip the portal switch.

You’re out.