Submachine 3 walkthrough

level 1:
pick up the thing down in the left corner of the room, and press the levelswitch in the midle of the room.(dah!)

level 2:
go in the right room, there you wil find a map. on the map there are marked places where there are switches(the levelswitch in room 0, 0, is allways marked with an X.). just click all of the switches and press the levelswitch.

level 3:
look at the map, wierd eh? well, press one of the switches, and voilá! a number! the numbers are coordinates, like 45 is 4, 5(room). follow this until all of the lights in the coordinate-thingy in the upper left side of the screen are green.(you wil hear a sound)


allright lots of people have problems with this level, so I’ll write my own comment for this level. You have to go to any of those rooms with weird machines. Pull the lever, and machine spits out a number. Now you have to go to ANOTHER room, indicated by those numbers, as said before, 21 is room (2, 1) and pull lever there. Do it six times and you’re out. ms


level 4:
allright! i supose i dont have to remind u about the map enymore. there are fuor consoles with four numbers in(and 6 buttons), and two switches. the numbers are changeable, exept one, a diferent for each console. find these numbers memorize them(or write them down), and you have a code! the code must be put into each console, and then u pull the two switches and the levelswitch last.

level 5:
this one is easy, there are six switches with dots on. one dot = first pressed, two dots = second pressed, and so on, rhen you press the levelswitch, of course.

level 6:
find the switches, type the coordinates for the room in LETTERS. a = 1, b = 2, and so on.. easy!

level 7:
find the symbols with a number under that says whitch position it has in the password, memorize them(or write down), and type them in to the password thingy in the room left of the levelswitch and press the little button on the floor. if the level switch does not unlock, the password is not typed correctly.

level 8:
yepp! the map is wrecked. so, i’ll help u with coordinates this time. first, go to 0, -1. pull the switch, go to 0, 1. note the symbols, and go to 1, -1. when you press one of those things on the eh.. something, two lights go green, remember the symbols? the line in the symbols is the clue, in your head draw a line between the green lights so it matches the first symbol. in the room on the right(2, -1), do the same, just with symbol no. 2. continue till all are correctly inserted, then go to 1, 1, and press the switch. and then the levelswitch.

level 9:
mechanical eggs? hehe.. no. in the room under the levelswitch, there is an console, type in the coordinates for one of the ‘eggs’ and go to it, its open! flipp the switches inside of the ‘egg’ and… you get the big picture!

level 10:
the map is gone! well, i certanly dont hope you are collorblid. hehe. in room 0, 1, thre is a plate with letters and a switch under each. in room 0, -1, there is a similar plate but with collours instead. so, here it goes: the letters is the first letter in a collour. i think you have noticed that three of the switches on each pate doesnt work, well, they are the ones that u have to match at the other plate, see? then you bress the big button under the colloured plate to unlock the levelswitch.

level 11:
now, this looks stupid, eh? the map points out things that’s not there. well look in the room left of the levelswitch. there’s a blank map! make it match the other map, and go in the room below the levelswitch, and press this switch. feel free to go on to the next level!

level 12:
a note! read it and you get the picture. just be aware that the leaf has no specific place, it’s different every time you play.


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