Submachine 4, walkthrough on Hfilby

Once you are inside the attic:
1. click on the pocket of the lab coat
2. pick up the NAPHTHALENE
3. click to your right twice
4. pick up the FIRST SECRET off the chair
5. pick up the CHIMNEY BRUSH
6. go back outside
7. use the chimney brush on the chimney
8. go back inside and pick up the GREY KEY from the fireplace
9. pick up the RUBBER TUBE hanging from the ceiling
10. click to your left twice
11. pick up the GOLD KEY from the coat rack
12. click left again and pick up the GAS HANDLE under the table
13. use the grey key to unlock the door
14. descend the stairs and pick up the SECOND SECRET on the landing
15. descend the stairs
16. click to your left
17. click on the computer and press the green ping button
18. continue ping-ing until “M” signs off
19. pick up the PRINTOUT from the printer
20. pick up the THIRD SECRET near the garbage can
21. click to your right three times
22. pick up the LIGHTER
23. descend the stairs and pick up the BEAKER from the landing
24. descend the stairs
25. pick up the TWO NOTES from the table
26. pick up the FOURTH SECRET from the fallen chair
27. click to your right and pick up the CD
28. go up the ladder
29. pick up the tester (vial) of IRONTRIOXIDE
30. click to your right and pick up the SCREWDRIVER and the SIXTH SECRET
31. place the gas handle on the pipe
32. connect the rubber tube to the bunsen burner
33. pick up the FIFTH SECRET at the base of the pipe
34. go back outside and climb up onto the roof
35. click to your left and use the screwdriver on the VALVE (wheel)
36. pick up the valve and go back inside
37. descend the stairs to the bottom floor
38 click to your left and open the bathroom door
39. pick up the SOAP and the SIXTH SECRET
40. place the wheel on the pipe
41. place the beaker on the grate
42. use the hammer on the pipe cap
43. turn the wheel to fill the beaker with WATER
44. click to your right three times and go up the ladder again
45. turn the gas handle and the lever on the bunsen burner
50. then use the lighter to start a flame
51. put the beaker on the burner
52. put the soap, irontrioxide, and naphthalene in the beaker
53. pick up the ACIDIOXIDE
54. pick up the EMPTY TESTER
55. return to the bathroom and fill the tester with water
56. click to your right four times
57. unlock the door with the gold key
58. lift the little box by ringing the bell
59. use the acidioxide on the code panel and click to the right
60. use the portal to enter the code for the ancient section: 104

1. click to your right then descend the ladder
2. click the horizontal and the vertical levers
3. click to your left
4. pick up the STONE KEY and the SEVENTH SECRET
5. click to your right to return to the levers
6. reset the levers
7. now click the two diagonal levers
8. click to your right and pick up the KNIFE and the BLOCKADE
9. ring the bell to lift the box
10. return to the levers and reset them
11. click all but the vertical lever
12. climb up the ladder
13. take TILE D and insert the blockade and stone lever in the slots
14. descend the ladder and press the vertical lever
15. climb up the ladder and take TILE C
16. climb up the stone column
17. use the knife to free TILE A
18. return to the levers and pick up tile A
19. reset the levers and press all but the horizontal lever
20. climb up the ladder and click to your right
21. pick up TILE B
22. return to the levers
23. descend the stone wall
24. pick up the EIGHTH SECRET from the statue’s eye
25. place the tiles in the slots
26. press the button
27. return to the portal
28. climb up the stone wall
29. pick up the COIL
30. click to the left and pick up the NOTES
31. return to the portal and enter the code for the looping trap: 690

1. click to the left
The coordinates for the rooms are as follows:
(-1, 1) ( 0, 1) ( 1, 1)
(-1, 0) ( 0, 0) ( 1, 0)
(-1,-1) ( 0,-1) ( 1,-1)
2. set the coordinates and click the button near the bottom until you hear a loud clang
3. now go find the machine that has opened and click on the red button
4. repeat until you’ve opened all 4 machines
5. pick up the NINTH SECRET (-1,0) and the NOTE (-1, 1)
6. go to (-1, 1) and pick up the ORB
7. return to the portal and enter the code for the basement: 529

1. click right twice
2. pick up the TENTH SECRET
3. put the coil in the charger and pull the lever
4. take the charged coil and climb down the ladder
5. use the charged coil to power the two machines on the left or right
6. you will have to recharge the coil between uses
7. when both machines are powered, turn on the laser in the middle
8. pick up the ELEVENTH SECRET (near laser) and the NOTE
9. charge the coil one last time
10. go upstairs and put the cd in the claw
11. click right and put the orb on the pedestal until it breaks
12. pick up the CHEST KEY and the NOTE
13. read the notes to get the code for the brick room: 551

1. pick up the TWELTH SECRET
2. click to your left and pick up the NOTE
3. turn off the water
4. return to the portal and enter the code for the lighthouse: 462

1. click to your right and pick up the THIRTEENTH SEECRET
2. click to your right again
3. use the hammer to break the padlock (takes a few hits)
4. take the TURBINE
5. click left three times and pick up the NOTE
5. return to the portal and enter the code for the ship: 800

1. use the lighter to light the lamp
2. pick up the FOURTEENTH SECRET near the base of the lamp
3. click right and ring the bell
4. use the screwdriver to remove the metal plate
5. pick up the FIFTEENTH SECRET
6. use the knife to cut the metal wires
7. click left twice
8. pick up NOTE
9. climb up ladder
10. use lighter to light lamp
11. click right
12. climb up ladder
14. place turbine in shaft and close the lid
15. climb down ladder and push button to raise gate
16. click right and pick up NOTE
17. use chest key to unlock chest
18. pick up GOLDEN ARM
19. return to the portal and enter the code for the tomb: 770

1. pick up NOTE
2. examine writing on the wall
3. enter the number of points for each shape in the portal: 043
4. click left twice
5. pick up the NOTE and the SEVENTEENTH SECRET
6. read through the notes
7. click right
8. use tester to pour water on the white thing
10 return to portal and enter code: 728

12. return to the lighthouse: 462
13. click left and pick up the NINETEENTH SECRET
14. return to portal and enter code for the ancient section: 104
15. click right and climb ladder
16. smash the cracked block with the hammer
17. pick up the TWENTIETH SECRET
18. return to the portal and climb up stone wall
19. place coil in machine
20. click left and turn on the lamp
21. look through telescope
22. return to portal and enter code: 452
23. place arm and sceptre on statue
24. click through the right door and pick up the TWENTY-FIRST SECRET