Submachine 6: the Edge – english walkthrough

from JayIsGames:

  1. Click the lever on the left (right side of the door).
  2. Exit through the door.
  3. Once you arrive in the new area exit to your right.
  4. Drop your items into the trash bin in the center of the wall, or the scanner in the next room wont let you pass.
  5. Move right
  6. Click on the scanner.
  7. Move right
  8. Click any four areas, it doesn’t matter you will be sent to the same spot.
  9. Go all the way left
  10. Click up on the edge of the wall and you should go around the corner
  11. Keep going left until you find the loose pipe cover, and enter that pipe.
  12. Go right, up, up.
  13. Get the key card.
  14. Go down, left.
  15. Spin the wheel once, to move the pipe outside the room.
  16. Go right, right.
  17. Push the mechanism into the wall, to open up an area a few rooms below.
  18. Go left, left.
  19. Spin the wheel twice.
  20. Go right, down, right.
  21. Enter the pipe.
  22. Go right.
  23. Enter the upper pipe on the left wall.
  24. Go up, the go up again.
  25. There are three pipes at the top of this room, You need to move the ladder to the two outer ones and press a button in the to get into the middle one.
  26. Gown down then left.
  27. Use this machine to move the ladder.
  28. When the lights are both facing one direction thats where the ladder will be.
  29. The wheels work like this:
  30. When you turn a wheel, the one you click moves 1/4 turn, and the other moves 1/2 turn.
  31. Once you have go into the left and right tubes in the room with three, go into the center one.
  32. Once you are outside, go right once.
  33. Place the key card in the hole and push the button.
  34. Enter the elevator that came down and go to the third floor.
  35. Go left.
  36. Click on the monitor and turn off the security system, by clicking each ball so it moves down.
  37. Go back to the elevator and go to the second floor.
  38. Keep going left until you get the cube.
  39. The monitor asks for your I.D. to open the cube, but you don’t have one so leave.
  40. Go back to the elevator and go to the first level.
  41. Go all the way back to the room where you took the upper pipe on the left wall, only this time go up.
  42. Go up one room and turn the wheel to open up the other tunnel.
  43. Go down this tunnel into the bottom pipe on the right wall.
  44. There is a plate blocking the upper tunnel. Use the levers to unhook it.
  45. Now go back and enter the upper tunnel on the right wall, where you just removed the plate.
  46. Go right, the room on the right looks very pristine now.
  47. Turn the wheel on the wall just outside the room.
  48. Enter the room on the right, doesn’t look so pretty now.
  49. Use this room to gain access to whats in the cube.
  50. Place the cube on the pillar when the room is new. Make the room old again and pull the object out of the cube. Make the room new, and then pick up the object that fell out of the cube. Now that you have the Connection Pod, go back to the area where you got the cube.
  51. This time go to the third level.
  52. Go left, and there is a space in the wall, Put the connector in there.
  53. Go up and then move the ball to the other side to open Door 5 of level 1 of the facility (Middle button on the elevator)
  54. Don’t forget to take the connector back out of the wall.
  55. Go down one floor and into the room you now have access to.
  56. Put the connector in the wall.
  57. Go down and open level 2’s 8 door.
  58. Go back up a floor and enter the door on level 2.
  59. There are two spaces for the connector in this hall
  60. If you put your connector in the first one you will see there is a message but it is blocked.
  61. Go to the second place to enter your connector. Take note of the protocol port.
  62. Go right and open gate 3/18, by moving the ball.
  63. Go back to the first connector. You can see that the message is being blocked by protocol 54-2
  64. Go right twice. Unblock the protocols that you need. The bottom three but leave the top one.
  65. Go back to the first screen of this terminal and you’ll see the message is unblocked.
  66. Read the message from Murtaugh. Note the things he needs you to disable.
  67. Take your connector and go back to the second terminal.
  68. Go up and move the e(lavator) block so it’s next to where you are.
  69. Exit the terminal and enter the elevator.
  70. Press the middle button on the elevator
  71. Exit the elevator and go up the ladder.
  72. Put your connector in the wall and disarm both the turrets. you need to disarm the one to the left before the bottom one.
  73. Exit the terminal, go down the ladder and enter the left room.
  74. Go up the ladder and use the connector on the wall to the right.
  75. Remember the protocol you needed to disable from earlier? Go screw that one up.
  76. It’s protocol 2-18, go up and then left. To screw it up you need to start the reset and then cancel before it finishes. Go back to the elevator and go to the top level.(Right button)
  77. Exit the elevator and go up the ladder. Ignore the things on the wall, they were shooting electricity but you’ve disabled it.
  78. Go up and enter your connector on the wall.
  79. Enter the mainframe.
  80. You can only go places where the dotted line is connected.
  81. Go left first.
  82. Move the mouse around to move the circles. Try to make them meet up in the center and form a line. Your cursor should be in the middle and to the left of the grid of numbers in the background.
  83. Go back to the main screen.
  84. Click the circle in the middle to move the dotted line.
  85. Move the line so that you can go right.
  86. Go right then up, flip the ball to the other side.
  87. Go down and then right.
  88. Flip this ball to the other side as well.
  89. Now go back to the main screen.
  90. Make the dotted line go upwards, and go up two screens.
  91. Press the button. You now have 5 choices.
  92. You need to deal with the four lower ones before you can use the top one.
  93. We will start with the top right corner.
  94. This is just like last time, you need to move the mouse to where the dots meet up. If you put your cursor over the P in protocol, at the top right corner, and just keep moving left along that axis you should hit the sweet spot.
  95. Now the bottom left corner, you just need to turn the switch off.
  96. For the bottom right corner, you need to move the balls so the one at the end is in the circle. This shouldn’t be too hard.
  97. Now for the top right circle. Just move to the right, and click RESET on the human recognition pattern.
  98. Now you can go to the top circle
  99. Go up and turn off protocol 1-0.
  100. After the scene, you will not be able to go back into the mainframe.
  101. Go down the ladder and pick up the connector, then go left.
  102. Uncover the fan, and make your escape.
  103. Enter the connector in the teleporter.