Submachine 6; jayisgames review

Fans of the Submachine series, your time has come at last. After more than a year and a half, Mateusz Skutnik is back with Submachine 6: The Edge, an all-new installment in one of the most popular series of escape games the Web has ever seen.

As with previous games in the series, Submachine 6: The Edge is a point-and-click escape game set inside of a series of submerged machines, or Submachines. Like any good escape game, the goal is to find your way out of the area that you’re stuck in. All navigation is done with the mouse, and any inventory items you pick up on the way are displayed at the bottom of your screen. You won’t need any sort of special knowledge to get through, just determination and a head for solving puzzles.

With the number of escape games out there, it takes more than just clever puzzles and pretty graphics to make a game really stand out. With a story that has already spanned 5 previous games, simply trying to find your way out as quickly as possible would result in missing what makes the Submachine series so great. With hidden areas and notes left behind from previous explorers, the game is filled with a personality that makes it stand out as much more than just a simple escape game. In this newest installation, we get treated to more of the story and mood that made all of the previous games so compelling to play.

Analysis: Fans of the series will find little fault in the newest addition to the already iconic series. The graphics and sounds are perfect for creating the ominous atmosphere present in all of the earlier games. The puzzles are fair enough that they’re not completely unsolvable, although they do provide enough of a challenge to keep you busy for a while. As always with Mr. Skutnik’s work, it’s the small details that make the game so enthralling. From the sound effect to the way the landscape reacts to your actions, every aspect of the game perfectly captures the environment, turning what could have been a basic point-and-click escape game into a fully immersive experience. It’s worth noting for newcomers to the series that this game picks up right where the previous installment left off, so while it is not necessary to have played the earlier games in the series, you may want to do so in order to understand everything that is happening.

While getting lost in the machine is part of the fun, it may be wise to make a map as you go. This is by no means a small game, and it’s easy to lose track of where you’ve come from and where you’re going if you don’t pay attention. Aside from that minor quibble, there’s really not much else to fault in such a wonderful game. Fans of the series will find more of what they already love, while readers who are new to Submachine should have no problem getting hooked like the rest of us.

For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the newest installment in the legendary series, what are you waiting for?

Author: Jerrad.