Submachine: FLF Redux HD


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This is the game about memories, how they fade away, trick us or straight up lie to us.

Do you remember this game? Are you sure?

Try this version – you might not recognize it. Did you really hear this music? Is it changed? Or maybe it was there all along… I don’t remember anymore. One thing I know for sure – those pictures… I recognize them, they’re… from my past, my ancestors. I’ve seen them so many times, but were they here before? Is it possible that somebody changed them? Did I change them?

There’s a machine I haven’t seen before.  There’s a room I haven’t been to, but I could swear I did. My memory about this game is murky. That’s how I see this game now. That’s the one I did so many years ago. Or is it?…

Well, this is it. The last Submachine game to be turned into HD version. This whole process rounded up nicely to a year-long project, where there was an HD game every month. Now the library is complete, I can move on to creating Submachine 10 and prepare a bundle of all of them for next year’s anniversary.

The stage for Submachine 10: the Exit is set.