Submachine: Future Loop Foundation; multiple walkthroughs


written by Mateusz Skutnik

(this walkthrough only shows how to get out, the puzzles not connected to this goal are left out).

1. turn on the magnetophone, get the “key”.

2. open the door using the “key”.

3. go aroun the corner to find the “knife”.

4. go back to padded cell and using the “knife” cut one of the stiched places on the wall.

5. get the “keycard”.

6. put it in the machine outside the padded cell. When the light turns green, hit the button.

7. Enter the new area.

8. go up the ladder and find “slide” in the storage room.

9. go back and to the bottom to the room with a squeaky toy.

10. look out the window, and zoom on the code written on the opposite wall. Write down this code or memorize it.

11. go back to the entrance of this section. go right to the projector. Put “slide” inside, and turn the machine on. Click the picture displayed on the wall.

12. you’ll be taken to another section.

13. go downstairs and to the right.

14. enter TV room. In that room go left.

15. enter the code you have written down into the machine, then hit button at the bottom.

16. collect the “reel”

17. exit this room, go back up the stairs and to the far right. You’ll see a code lock on the wall. Input “3218” (if you’re curious – it was displayed over the entrance over your padded cell as your patient number).

18. after the wall stops sliding – go right until a movie projector. Put “reel” into the right place.

19. hit the button on the projector.

20 You’re out.


another walkthrough

written by Lilly


You start in a padded cell. There is a radio and a door. When you click on one of the buttons on the radio, it will begin to play, and a key, attached to the wheel on the radio will be pulled in from under the door.

Pick up key and select it in your inventory, then use it on the door.

Now that you are outside of your room, go around the corner and pick up the knife. Go back to your room and cut open the sewed up holes in the cell until you find a card in one of them (the knife will stay so you’ll know the one) take the card and use it on the console outside your cell. Press the butten next to the green light. A tower will desend, and a bridge will extend from the door.


Once you are inside the tower, go down the ladder twice, then left once.(Squeek the reindeer ball if you want to :D) Once you’ve gone left, look at the symbols on the wall. Write it down, it will be importent later.

Go back up the ladder, all the way to the top. Go right and into the storage room. Open all the compartments until you find a slide inside one. Pick it up. Go back to the first room you entered in the tower then go right. Put the slide into the projecter, and click the knob. Click the picture that is projected.


Go right three times, all the way to the end, and click on the glowing red thing hanging from the ceiling. Enter the numbers 3218 (the number above your cell door) and a passage will open. Don’t worry about that now, you can come back to it.

Go back left all the way to the staircase. Go down and left to the first door. Go through the door and to your left, and enter the symbols into the wall that you found earlier. Take the reel that is revealed.

Go back up to the passage that opened up before. Go right until you reach an olf fashoned movie player (don’t know that the actual name for it is) use the reel on the empty top. Click the knob to play.

Congratulations! You finished the game!


yet another walkthrough in case you’re still lost ;)

written by baba44713; found on

1. Push the third square button on the tape recorder. 2. Get key. Unlock door with the key. Exit right. 3. Follow the path behind the wall. Get knife. 4. Get back in the padded room. Use knife on stitch on the wall. Get keycard. Exit right. 5. Write down the number on the small paper above the door (3218). Put keycard in the slot. Press the button on the panel. 6. Go right, then up the rungs, right again and enter storage. 7. Open up all the lockers until you find the slide. 8. Go back the way you came and go all the way down (the room with the orange ball). Go left. 9. Note the symbols on the left wall. 10. Go back to the entrance and then to the right, where you’ll find a slide projector. Put the slide inside. Turn on projector. 11. Click on the women. You are transported to the house. 12. Go down the stairs, right and enter door (you must be in the room with the orange TV). Go Left. 13. Enter the symbols you saw on the wall. Push the button and get the film reel. 14. Go back to the top of the stairs. Go right as far as you can. Enter the number which was above the door at the beginning. 15. Go right in the passage, and walk right until you find the movie projector. Put the reel in. Push button. The end. Now I’m quite sure there is more stuff to this game. For instance, on the owl picture in one of the rooms sometimes a number appears (215). Entering this number in one of the machines gets you a symbol, which again you can enter in the cylinder-looking thing with the headphones. This doesn’t do much, though. Also, the room with the orange ball seems to have a secret passage to the right, which I’m unsure how to open. Are the lockers a code of some kind?


You can’t possibly be lost anymore, but just in case… the fourth approach at the solution

written by Andy; found on

1 – Click second button from the right on tape Machine

2 – Pick up key

3 – Use key to exit the room

4 – Go round the corner of the building and pick up knife

5 – Go back to door and look at the paper above the door

6 – Enter the room and use the knife on the square with a large “scar”!

7 – Collect Key card and use it on the machine outside the door

8 – Click the button and enter the new door

9 – Go down the ladder twice and go through the door

10 – click on the black square on the opposite wall and memorise the symbols

11 – Re-enter building and climb up 3 times

12 – Go Right and enter the storage room

13 – Click on the third box down on the left and collect the slide

14 – Exit room, go left, go down the ladder and then go right

15 – Use slide on projector and switch on

16 – Click on the picture to be taken to another dimension!

17 – Go down the stairs, right then enter the door

18 – Go left and enter the code you memorised earlier, click on the bottom button

19 – Collect the reel and exit the room

20 – Go left and back up the stairs, then go right three times

21 – Click on the red box and enter the code from above your cell door at the beginning of the game!

22 – Go right 4 times and use the reel on the projector

23 – Switch on the projector and hey presto!

24 – Watch the short cut scene and your done!