Where is 2010? review by download squad

Where is 2010? Cutesy (but a little creepy) Time-Waster

by Sebastian Anthony

I think this one might rank as the easiest Time-Waster I’ve ever reviewed — even I managed to finish it in just five minutes! Where is 2010? is a quaint little platformer game. You jump around, flip switches and… that’s about it really. Eventually you find ‘2010’ and the game finishes. This one’s more about the ride — the artistic vision — than the actual gameplay.

You only need to know two things that might trip you up: a) You can jump from one platform to another platform on a different screen, and b) You can climb back up the wall using the sticky-outy bricks (it doesn’t make sense now, but it’ll make sense to you later when you get stuck… like me…)

Casual Gameplay suggests that this is a precursor to a bigger game, DayMare Town 3. It would make sense that this is a trailer or teaser: the artistic style is unique, very well done. Where is 2010? is way, way beyond what you’d expect in a simple jump-around-and-hit-levers game.

Incidentally, if you haven’t played the DayMare series, you really should.