PF review

The Workburger International Comics Anthology features some of the finest masterworks of world-renowned artisans and craftsmen/craftswomen of the comics medium. This skillfully woven patchwork of diverse comic strip narratives, revolving around the topic of contemporary work, has been manually assembled from many serious and witty as well as provocative and investigative artistic takes on the topic.

Contributing artists, drawing from both theory and personal experience, have tackled this elusive term, bridled its creative momentum and harnessed its vast, explosive potential: one of work’s most useful and at the same time dangerous characteristics.

The book, lucidly detecting and generously displaying the various permutations in the meaning of the term itself, is thusly a document of its own time while still remaining a future classic by dint of covering one of the most universal human issues from time immemorial.

“No workarounds! Only comics that really work!”

-Simon, a guy in a suit

“Someone must’ve been working out…”

-Tina, the hot yoga teacher from across the street

“I knew that there was more to life than just working the turk! A real eye-opener!”

-Peter, trust-fund baby & master procrastinator

“All work and no play makes you a bad artist.”

-Unknown, art school toilet stall

Stripburger Enterprises proudly present some 50 working class heroes, who dedicate their thoughts, views, comics, blood, sweat and tears to the concept of work.