Submachine: Legacy


Become the Researcher
Submachine is a hand-drawn point and click adventure game.
You will find yourself in a vast network of desolate locations containing
puzzles, secrets, notes and inventory items to collect to help you along the way.

the World of Submachine
The underground world of submerged machines offers you vast variety
of locations and structures to discover and repair. While everything is shattered,
you will try to put things back together to understand and escape.

You are alone here. You will follow the footsteps of a banished lighthouse keeper
discovering his descent into ruins of Submachine. The story is divided into chapters
that will unlock for you as you progress through the game.
The story is conveyed by series of notes that you'll collect and read.

There are tons of puzzles, some of which you'll solve by bringing
the machinery back online, tinkering with it, turning off and on again.
For others you'll need to find missing parts, levers that were broken off or stolen,
depleted power sources, gears, cogs, lamps, coils and so on.
As you move through the structure, you will be putting back together things that were shattered.

Entire game is hand-drawn. There's nothing auto-generated nor procedural.
Each location was thoughtfully designed. Stylized drawings give the game it's eerie atmosphere.

Ambient music for this game was created by ThumpMonks,
with chapter 1 ambient by Marcus Gutierrez.
The music perfectly emphasizes the atmosphere of lonely exploration.
You can get entire soundtrack exclusively here.

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This game is for PC Windows only, you will receive .exe files.

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