Slice of Sea


Meet the Seaweed:
Slice of Sea is a a peaceful adventure and puzzle game.
You play as Seaweed, a sea creature in a metal armor,
clearly out of their element, as you find yourself
at the beginning of the game in desolate mountains
with no sea in sight.

This is the world of Daymare. Most of structures you'll
find are abandoned. Entropy has set deep within it's walls
and it seems that as native inhabitants left long time ago,
completely new menagerie was ready to settle in.

Seaweed desperately needs to get back home, to the sea.
There's a desert in between him and the shore.
It's up to you to help him.

Seaweed's armor has legs, but no arms. That means that while you traverse
this world by walking as Seaweed, he's counting on you, the overseeing
omnipotent witness to solve all puzzles. Use keyboard to move around
and mouse to interact with surroundings.

Entire game was hand-drawn with ink on paper, which gives very specific
character to all locations and creatures. There's nothing auto-generated
nor procedural. Each location was thoughtfully designed.
Stylized drawings give the game it's eerie atmosphere.

Ambient music was created by Thumpmonks
and main theme song written and performed by Cat Jahnke.

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