Slice of Sea

Slice of Sea is a peaceful adventure and puzzle game. You play as Seaweed, a sea creature clearly out of their element. Explore desolate world of dust, all hand-drawn on paper in unique art style. Collect items, solve puzzles and lead Seaweed back home to the sea. Music was created by Thumpmonks and main theme song written and performed by Cat jahnke.

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Major update and overhaul 2023

the mind spark that started it all… | Seaweed begins | pre-alpha timestamp

first ink sketch | atmospheric sketch | textured sketchesbackground sketches

p2019 | p2020 | p2021 | layering test | coloring test | ingame ink | bricks

 Seaweed inside | Final Atmosphere | covid-19 quarantine | wywh

biggest milestone | it’s done

main trailer | gameplay trailer  | release trailer | Let me go Home lyrics

Steam Windows release: 11/11/2021 | Steam macOS release: 25/11/2021

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post mortem: full devlog 2018-2021 release: 29/11/2021