Slice of Sea devlog 2018-2021 [+2022 maintenance]

February 27th 2018

– project created

March 14th 2018, PI day

– pre-alpha
– platform + pnc combined (without documents and pictures)

May 20th 2018

– First hand-drawn sketch of a location
– idea of creating entire game by hand on paper appears

October 18th 2018

– small changes to inventory sprites and mechanics
– all major decisions made by now :: ha ha, :D, lol, [19.03.2021]
– game will be hand drawn, lightly watercoloured :: lol nope [10.06.2021]
– locations will have ocean/desert theme :: ah, sweet, innocent times of dreams and plans… [21.09.2021]

January 2019

– changed mechanics for entering/exiting doors/screens to allow multiple entry ways on one screen (exiting via specific door, not previously saved position)
– pressure plate + btn combo

February 2019

– bridge mechanics
– wiggle/animating leafs
– blockable bar door
– disappearing cursor when fading, animating
– new cursor – pen nib
– hero going into door and exiting on the same screen
– darkening hero sprite while goint into door
– item finder reacts to hover

March 2019

– vertical lift
– horizontal float
– game goes to .anime when going into doors
– added draw_curve, item debris, screen shake
– inventory items, levers, buttons check if cursor already is on them when room starts (mouse_over doesn’t execute in that case)
– bugfix: item disappearing from inventory when neighbouring item is picked up while fast cursor movement (issue with not executing mouse_leave fast enough) fixed in item draw action
– hero scaling (0.5, 1, 2)
– pressure plate once
– raising flag
– inventory max items
– valve system
– advanced lever (drawing body, lever, screw, back)
– item nest / storage
– multisave (separate “load game” menu)
– bugfix: saving system retooled to fit multisaving
– stashboxes (empty; with set items; with randomized items)
– graphical design, sketches for backgrounds and separate elements
– delete all saves btn
– moving power lines (gfx)

April 2019

– hero debris bugfix
– proximity lampka
– proximity lampka count machine
– proximity door
– all saves taken msg bugfix
– randomized stashbox bugfix
– play spatial sound once
– sketches
– pressure plate sensitive objects
– ingame btn tutorial
– bouncing scale objects
– responsive menu btns

May 2019

– insertable objects (keys, levers etc) via sprite_draw_part (obsolete thanks to spine bounding box) :D
– fading to menu after deleting all saves one by one
– dynamic settings btns description
– draw texture flush optimisation
– spine: float_01, pressure plate, cave door, btn bar, slide door, windmill
– sinus wave
– stone weight chain door
– menu btns animations
– interactive bat/fly
– more sketches…

June 2019

– sketches
– ink: mountains

July 2019

– inking locations 1,2,3

August 2019

– vacation :D

September 2019

– break for submachine card game…
– inking locations 3

October 2019

– inking locations 3, 4

November 2019

– inking locations 4, 5

December 2019

– room sketches
– hero debris scale
– samples of inked, texture-colored locations (cave, shell)
– new game button transparent if inactive :D

January 2020

– major bugfix – scr_fade didn’t return zoom (camera_set_view_size) to 1 after finishing fading, fixed in scr_fade_destroy o_0
– shortened fade delay when hero enters door (scr_hero_alarm_0) (quicker transition)
– image_xscale/yscale w o_hero_debris_dirt
– reworked curve line anchors and behaviour (Added slight wind movement based on line angle instead of anchor x,y movement)
– added curve width (draw primitive > draw line)
– r001 initiated with graphics
– scanning ink locations
– major update – moving backgrounds based on hero movement (front & horizon)
– tetsing watercolor/ink shadows/clouds
– hero debris cloud
– refined hero debris (dirt)
– background clouds movement
– shadow texture
– color texture
– item name display with bgr
– item name display while taken
– cloud sprites and objects
– hero sprite color based on room lighting settings (ambient color)
– refined item used debris (dirt + cloud)
– inventory full message on screen (in style of inventory item opis)
– animation top and bottom black stripe
– black frame around scr_shake (hides extruding sprite parts)
– [bgr photoshop coloring crunch]
– major update: separate hero collision detection with walls and doors depending on hero scale (room 22…)
– improved animations of going in and out of doors
– 22 Jan – color change that changed everything
– [bgr photoshop coloring crunch restarted from scratch…]
– bridge patrol object (looking at hero checking if lever available)
– lamp / light particles

February 2020

– improved optimisation (sprite flush)
– loading horizons from included files (sprite_add, sprite_delete) (hr001)
– loading fronts from included files (fr001)
– loading main stage background from included files (br001)
– reworked anchor mechanics
– karna shards > included files
– clouds > included files
– scr_hand, scr_idle (from sub engine)
– room thumbnails > included
– credits > included
– bugfixes in cursor behavior in menus
– adding all train locations to the game
– changed light beam particle behaviour (reset & x_dir)
– adding town locations to the game

March 2020

– adding harbor/shipyard locations
– adding seabed locations
– tweaking lamp particle behavior
– setting seaweed spawn in room after loading saved game
– cleaning library
– added stashbox sprite as included json
– reworked stashbox mechanics
– changed the look of stashbox item nests to match main inventory
– pressure plate, flag, doors > spine json included files
– disabled item description when in hand (collided with alerts)
– added onscreen alerts when using larva on doors (in inventory description area) > [larva scrapped in 2021 – moved to future dmt maybe?…]
– cleaning library from frame by frame sprites (doors, bars, etc)
– final bridge animation
– new fronts for mountains, trains
– [Covid-19 quarantine since March 12th…]
– new room 143 (stables in dead end harbor)
– adding new fronts and rooms to the game

April 2020

– rest of mountain missing backgrounds
– rest of trains missing backgrounds
– rest of town missing backgrounds
– all new bgr photoshopped and added to the game
– bugfix – cursor not hiding for fade when hero falls off bottom of the screen
– color change in 024, 025 wood: blue > grey blue
– fr change in 083 – removed moving black wood structure from fr, changed to simple front static in the middle
– disabled texture flush, since only 1 texture page remains, all other sprites loaded from files

May 2020

– ship ink locations
– milestone: all ink br locations done by May 17th
– coloring ship locations
– adding ahio locations to the game

June 2020

– photoshop retouch
– updating hero color in dark places (town, shipyard, tanker)
– tree fronts in town
– gothic buttresses added
– horizon watercolor sketches
– horizon ink/pencil/marker sketches
– sun texture
– change of colors in r033 – raider train
– exec decision: horizons made in 3B pencil, textured in PS. (outline colored rgb 28-89-106)
– unified front and horizon clouds (same size, different movement speed)
– bugfix – removed memory leak of scr_sprite_folder (loading first sprite to measure without removing it later before loading centered sprite)
– change in cloud loading (moving x and y instead of liadong twice)
– added front BIG cloud (3000 px wide) in front of everything, more dynamic movement of front
– horizon movement speed tweaked
– bugfix: floating platform in abe location
– added door side wall in perspective in r126 (zuraw) + darkened shade door
– fixed clipping through foreground in r146 (front containers)
– final version of horizon pencil drawing (r001)
– added new layer for sky texture, separate from horizon
– removed floating table in r102

July 2020

– pencil horizon (hr) drawings and implementation (mnt, train)
– changed further horizon color from greyish to blueish
– fixed bug in o_sky initial position in Abe location (r022) resulted in sky moving at start of room
– all mnt and train horizons drawn and added to the game
– start of pencil hr for town

August 2020

– town pencil hr cont.

September 2020

– town pencil hr cont.
– moving cumulus on the horizon
– changed GMS2 version to 2.3, then reverted promptly back to 2.5.5 (2.3 laggy – loading external files to ram) :/
– new front big_clouds (10 in total)
– shipyard pencil hr
– dynamic random front big_clouds (choose from 1 to 10)
– refinement (graphical tweaks, cleaning drawings, changing / adding colors, etc)
– added screentones to hr drawings in shipyard loc

October 2020

– seabed pencil hr
– tanker pencil hr
– milestone: 6.X.2020 – all pencil hr done
– adding screentones to all hr
– adding cloud_big layer to rest of rooms (train, town)
– tibet door spine and code animation (wheels and lines)
– fixed small bug with entering anime state (player now falls down if in midair when anime triggers instead of floating)
– wires animated in spine instead of using draw_curve (draw_curve = jagged lines)
– tibet flags spine animation (customizable setup to change poles, colors and flag number in GMS)
– bridge and rail as separate objects, solved layering issue with drawn bridge approached from right
– scr_move() in wires, flags moved to [begin step] to avoid uwanted movement in relation to fr, hr
– o_wiatrak animated via spine + code
– tibet flags on wires spine animation
– submachine floats spine animation
– nautilus spine animation
– tibetan drums rotating cylinders spine animation
– seabed debris objects
– r004 stashbox
– trees spine animation
– fixed greyed alpha on semi transparent elements of spine animations (premultiply alpha = off)
– bugfix: setting hero_xspeed to 0 when entering anime, prevents clouds from floating backwards in animation triggered while hero moving left
– failsafe on stashboxes that don’t have set items – making them display global ransom stash items from scr_randomize_stash
– final graphical design of clouds: front, back and big

November 2020

– wire anchors and posts
– lamps
– distrubution of background elements throughout entire game:
– clouds hr
– anchors and wires hr, br and fr
– reworked spine animations for wires for optimising load times (wires built from straight line in png 1000×10 px)
– submachine floats hr, br
– nautilus hr, br, fr
– reworked nautilus hr and br spine builds – smaller png atlas
– seabed archeo debris
– reworked tibet flags to randomize flag pattern, flag pole kind and save it’s state
– flags hr, br, fr
– windmill br
– reworked cumulus (following o_horizon, not o_moving) – horizon is the closest obj to cumulus for them to compare speed to, binding them to o_sky or o_moving made cumulus movement janky
– karma shards in trains, town and shipyard
– reef tubes animated + bubbles
– weed ears in reef shrooms (weed) creation logic (scr_weed), graphics and spine animation and distribution (br, fr, hr)
– bubbles final ink gfx
– chest stash “3D” spine animation
– game LOGO final design
– gauges gfx and logic
– Soulstorm Brew bottles gfx and map placement
– o_hero.point_of_interest variable to look at during game in animation state
– invisible passage indicator (flags with “s” hieroglyph)
– windmill 76
– tumbleweeds
– included files structure reorganized (static folder)
– logo spine animation
– logo machine for title reveal
– inventory item alpha variables for idle, hover, taken, other taken
– script polishing
– menu bgr movement based on panoramic_view mechanic
– game settings buttons changed from shells to cogs
– updated o_btn_load_saved_game gfx and design
– code cleaning and tweaking

December 2020

– Seaweed ink spine animation (spr_hero_4, spr_hero_5)
– new fr in town locations shown in title reveal trailer
– inventory item state alpha tweaking
– inventory item description present when taken
– animation stripes position changeable depending on room (for dark inside rooms like 007)
– game reveal trailer, steam store, reddit and website released (Dec 8th)
– code and library cleaning (renaming older sprites to s_ prefix, ojects to o_ prefix, moving older jsons to folders, dev mode vars integrating)
– achievement: daredevil
– achievement: parkour
– unused sr, hr removed from included files (rooms 001 – 165)
– cloud_big, cloud_front lower y when o_hero is low – mostly in town loc
– scr_move_bbox for o_front, o_horizon, o_sky and o_cloud_big to prevent showing sprite edge – movement boud to bbox_top, bbox_bottom
– hero saving precise x, y position and x, y image scale (removed saving through doors and spawners)
– debugging that shit^ because it broke the game (saving and loading hero scale in “small hero” locations)
– reworked scaling, hero sprite from external json, separate sprite for small hero
– o_saver to save hero position right before seaweed falls off cliff (to force position save without user saving by pressing ESC)
– fixing code regarding hero scale, changing older references from my_scale=0.5 to my_scale=0
– removed hero scale control from o_god – hero scale is controlled only by o_hero, o_door and o_hero_make_small (issue fixed)
– o_wiggle_math and o_wiggle_anim as global objects with children loadidng sprites from included, also reworked logic
– game is taking a screenshot when saving (screen_save_part) to use as thumbnails on “load game” page (!)
– hero carried jump height lowered when jumping from big to small hero scale (o_hero_make_small)
– changed o_hero.image_xscale set up in scr_hero_load_carry_variables from room_width dependent to reading carried image_xscale in ds_hero_carry_map
– fixed fatal crash due to o_god.current_spawn not existing (in dev mode using key shortcuts, but still, fatal is fatal)
– complete code refactoring
– optimalisation: sprites for all clouds, wires and flags preloaded into o_god to prevent sprite_adding them each time a room starts
– optimalisation: o_fade fade_max changed from 1.1 to 1 for quicker rooms transition
– o_hero in outdoor state uses color_merge to appear coming out of shadow
– pause menu
– ds_list_clear(ds_inventory) and scr_inv_hide() added to rm_menu room start to remove current inventory – otherwise it messes up “new game” option
– pause settings menu
– inventory inactive alpha and poziom_inv when cursor away (inv_alpha_sensor)
– wiatrak_proper blades are rotating (r103 hr and r109 br)
– o_laser (laser beam detecting if hero breaks it)
– fronts in town and shipyard
– scr_add uses o_blank and instance_change to pass variables to new proper instance create event without fail. Win!
– scr_act uses instance_deactivate_object and instance_activate_object to control puzzle states. Another win.
– additional seaweed size bugfixes (scale 0 locations in trains)
– change of tibet ropes color
– achievement: seaweed, not tumbleweed
– bugfix: removing fatal crash when item_draw call non existent item_stack
– resetting active_sounds ds_map when going back to mainmmenu after pausing the game
– o_lamp_white using c_color to alter colors of the instance

January 2021

– missing fronts in trn, twn, hbr, shd
– entire room 102 scaled down, to match other interior locations
– fixed mus_on=1 and sfx_on=1 settings bug in listener_init
– reworked o_krata mechanic
– o_lamp_tow (the outer worlds wall laser lamp)
– fixed shards layering conflicts with main_static and o_hero
– roadblock puzzle in r010
– fixed inventory clipping from under o_anime_pasek when it’s displayed too high (r007)
– wheels following front cloud
– o_proxy_glow
– all missing fronts done
– r080, r078 railings
– r108 barrier (boxes)
– o_zoom
– cursor zoom state
– exit btn white
– bugfix: exit btn in pause state snd_btn not playing fixed
– hr and sr in r152 (inside ship) – last missing drawing
– bugfix: fr clipping on top when hero too high on screen (r148) + r078 redrawn not to clip
– fr extracted from br in ship
– new fr in ship
– final ship additions
– r152 front pipes moving separately from fr
– rooms 1-165 br, fr, hr, sr all done
– final touches on all background graphics so far

February 2021

– puzzle design
– o_chain
– r010 roadblock
– r056 hero scale set to 0 (running in further part of the br)
– r056 / r058 clickable back door
– pressure plates (type 1, 2, left, mid, right)
– iventory items only pickable when hero idle or walking (preventing jumping onto pressure plate while holding item)
– sprite extensions in anime_pasek (black rectangles above and below)
– thorgal sequence
– inventory item removes itself in god anime state – when anime is triggered by using an inventory item. Separate switch in item step event.
– deactivated item_finder scaling when hovering over it
– zoomable inventory items (to look at, not use)
– zoomable inventory item acts normally when there’s an opened stash on screen (can be taken in hand and put away in the stash)
– o_stash opens automatically when item in hand is hovering over it
– tibet crooked tower sequence
– abe location sequence
– o_map, o_transporter
– end-of-tibet force field
– scr_snd_pitch using streamed sounds

March 2021

– proxy lamp intro (r028)
– proxy lamp autonomous glow particles tied to target lamp
– laser inverted (o_laser_left, o_laser_right)
– trains puzzles
– scr_electric_arc (from submachine primer)
– r023 levers bug fix (not registering after 1st move)
– o_map mechanics
– inventory map item (warp rune)
– map saving discovered locations ds_list
– seaweed spine enter door animation uses separate sprite for backside torso
– heaven gates + heaven rooms architecture (166, 167, 168)
– r169 – additional town tunnel
– glyph finders
– o_scroll
– tibet drums logic
– steam achievement codebreaker
– heaven loc graphics (br, hr, fr, sr)
– teleports graphics, animation

April 2021

– trains puzzles cont.
– sound design with ThumpMonks
– song by Cat Jahnke
– fixed timing on step debris / step sound
– outdoor / indoor seaweed step, jump, fall sounds
– item finder from animation frame
– r170 (trains)
– pre-town puzzles (wall gate)
– town puzzles
– all map locations

May 2021

– town puzzles cont.
– mouse hand disabled when screen shaking
– o_wiggle_mouse
– rotary proxy lamps
– o_stash_repo_1 > [cut content]
– o_stash_repo_multi > [cut content]
– stash dymek as separate object
– May 13th 2021 – right click inventory system
– music check in every room scr_mus_update
– new stash system, evalued from new inventory
– stash separator centered between stash and inventory displays
– book case stash for notes and books only
– tibet drums turnable only after seeing corresponding note
– ship puzzles
– additional train puzzles

June 2021

– town puzzles cont.
– ship puzzles cont.
– additional train puzzles cont.
– major fix: saving stashes after init, because if stash was not seen, it becomes empty when load game
– all stashes done
– all item displays
– gnome achievement
– shipyard puzzles
– seabed puzzles
– puzzles everywhere

July 2021

– puzzles everywhere at the end of time
– zoom state finder (lokomotif)
– milestone: all puzzles done (July 25th => lol)
– refactoring
– bugfix: separate o_act_item for tablica suwak sliders (o_act_item_suwak_1, o_act_item_suwak_3)
– r172 gfx
– new floating platform logic (still trash though), gfx and spine animation
– mouse wiggles
– r025 tile puzzle
– hero wiggle refactoring

August 2021

– hero wiggles refactor
– straw wiggles
– [6-29 = Chorwacja]

September 2021

– heaven lever sounds
– gfx tweaks and clean up
– changed shipyard crane card reader mechanic (no hovering needed)
– controls btn in ingame settings
– gnome screw + gnome symbol on rudder
– scrolls save update (fr objects)
– bugfix: missing stash_lighthouse save loading (game breaking bug – ds_list not loading and crashing the game)
– controls menu
– heaven valve sounds
– btn_exit aqua version for map menu
– r069 gate code protruding to avoid suggesting item nests
– snd_let_me_go_home
– new version of snd_use
– milestone: all sounds and music done
– btn_load_saved_game bugfix (corrupted non clickable, delete save 10 proper sigdisplay)
– ink: main menus, controls, intro, outro, inhabitants
– photoshop main menu br, pause br
– controls final gfx
– bugfix: prevent seaweed stuck on o_abe_plate after saving and loading game on that plate
– seaweed animations in main menus
– subnautica fish
– debris items
– refactoring random stash pool
– inhabitants / characters
– BUGFIX: animations stopping always, not only in game_state.idle – prevents animations from not stopping in inv or pause
– BUGFIX: added scr_block / unblock to prevent opening inventory or pausing game while small animation is playing (animation that doesn’t trigger anime state)
– refactoring/bugfix animations not stopping at anime_pause while pause/inventory
– softlock failsafe: hero stuck in jumping/falling state (o_hero alarm_1) occoured once, can’t replicate

October 2021

– characters cd
– coins, spotted seashells distro
– tutorials
– intro
– outro
– bugfix: stash_lighthouse part 2: fixed ds_list not saving after init (when game reloaded stash was empty) in scr_stash_2_save_all
– credits
– in-game achievements
– steam api + achievements
– stash-size-active librarian aniamtions
– removed old inventory logic (scr + objects)
– final betatesting
– Oct 27th – sent to Valve for verification
– Oct 28th – game accepted by Valve
– localization prep

November 2021

– achievements blocked if steam is not initialised
– failsafe hero position not carrying over in scr_hero_load_carry_variables (added idle state to carrying + reworked respawning)
– reworked hero_make_small, hero_make_big logic to be triggered by hero, not other
– block god esc (saving) when hero is on floating platform (heaven)
– font variable set in o_god
– localization pl
– langugage settings menu
– new main font: comfortaa (latin ext)
– stash names bug fix (library was accepting non-books after switching language in room r092)
– alerts language fix
– inventory item description stash_opis position tweak (font specific x, y offsets)
– localization (21 languages)
– final betatesting
– prerelease 8/11/2021
– door-flag hint in 035 (apparently going in between trains is not obvious) :D
– 1.0.0 (11/11/2021) release build


1.0.1 (11/11/2021)
– esc disabled in main menu (prevents game from closing when in main menu and alt-tabbing)

1.0.2 (12/11/2021)
– added more clearly visible passage between trains in r035 (stairs and handrail)
– fixed stashes behind drum/picture in r024 not stopping animation when [close stash] > [move the picture] too quickly
– anime skip btn no loger activates mouse enter when invisible (sound)
– unnotarized mac build sent to patrons
– language fix (spanish, latin)

1.0.3 (13/11/2021)
– language fix (japanese, porto B, porto P)

1.0.4 (13/11/2021)
– volume slider in settings
– steam screenshots enabled
– language fix (italian)
– rudder screws in r163 active only in o_god idle state (were making noise when clicking on them with inv item)
– bugfix: hero entering door while reacting was causing game crash – blocked

1.0.5 (14/11/2021)
– map portals active only when hero is idle or walking

1.0.6 (15/11/2021)
– esc key doesn’t work anymore in main menu (alt-tabbing doesn’t return to main menu)
– language fix (russian, hungarian)
– disabled game saving itself in the outro (via alt-tabbing or quitting or steam overlay)

1.0.7 (17/11/2021)
– language fix (multiple)

1.0.8 (18/11/2021)
– language fix (chinese T and S)
– fixed clipping gfx error in hr152

1.0.9 (22/11/2021)
– language fix (finnish)
– gfx change: symbol on monitors in r149 changed to be more visible for sight impaired players
– scrolls opening sound only in game_state.idle;

1.0.10 (23/11/2021)
– Mac build fixes (proximity door, o_wiatrak)
– door tutorials in r035, r002, r004

1.0.11 (24/11/2021)
– reworked screenshot mechanic to properly take save screenshots in windowed mode

1.0.12 (25/11/2021)
– scr_unblock when door finishes animation in r074
– one more russian language fix…
– one more german language fix…

December 2021

1.0.13 (21/12/2021)
– croatian language fixes
– added Korean language
– thank you note at the end of the game

January 2022

1.0.14 (9/1/2022)
– removed arrow sign and steps from r035 (they unnecessarily doubled door tutorial function)
– door tutorials in rooms: 38, 69, 93, 101, 131, 135, 137

1.0.15 (16/1/2022)
– ALT key saves the game (to prevent softlocking after ALT+F4 is used to close the game)
– o_r043_crane lever bugfix (save on item use, not frame 30 – prevents softlock after ALT+F4 while animation goes from 0 to 30)
– o_r055_wieko bugfix (scr_unblock added to animation end and item collect – prevents softlock after ALT+F4 while animation is playing)

February 2022

1.0.16 (7/2/2022)
– scr_save > saves immediately to savefile (to prevent softlocks when game crashes)
– scr_inv_save > saves immediately to savefile (to prevent softlocks when game crashes)
– scr_stash_2_save > saves immediately to savefile (to prevent softlocks when game crashes)
– scr_init_var > to use when new game starts to save all initial variables – so they don’t save to file 20 times at once

1.1.0 (8/2/2022)
– switched to GMS2 IDE v2.3.6.595 (Runtime v2.3.6.464) [last IDE before requirement for Spine 4]
– graphical change in br095 to emphasize proxy lamp placement on the wall
– laser beams widened from 2px to 4px
– fixed seaweed jump / landing animations in Spine (10 frames > 60 frames) for proper animation mixing
– removed all debris inventory items
– r137 – one coin moved from ground to treasure pot (one slot freed by removing debris items)
– r024 – tile_2 moved from trashcan to wardrobe

1.2.0 (11/2/2022)
– switched from GMS IDE v2.3.6.595 to newest IDE v2022.1.1.610 / Runtime v 2022.1.1.483
– switched from Spine 3.7.94 to Spine 4.0.61
– updated all Spine animations (export in 4.0.61)