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10 Gnomes was a full-year project created throughout 2008. Each month there was new episode added, hence 12 episodes in total.


In February of 2009 10 Gnomes received a Storm of the Year award. That’s an award by polish nationwide newspaper for best artistic achievements in different categories like music, literature, graphics etc. Gnomes won the multimedia category. The winner is selected by people’s choice from that newspaper’s readers.


In April of 2010 Gnomes went international. With a slightly changed UI (improved from game to game), but with the same gameplay Gnomes became an extended postcard. This was the beginning of the second phase of the project.
[10 Gnomes in Bologna].


In 2015 Gnomes ditched the 10-minute time limit, thus removing the lose state from the game, but leaving you with total freedom of exploration in peace and zen.
[10 Gnomes in Montaigut-le-Blanc].


In September of 2016, Gnomes jump the ship from Flash to Game Maker studio 1.4.
[10 Gnomes in Pothia].


Gnomes are upgraded to Game Maker Studio 2, and are as of now on the bleeding edge of accessible to me technology of game development. Stay strong my Gnomes.
[10 Gnomes in Trstenik].


Ten years after the initial project Gnomes are still staying strong, with brand new shining engine, two future games already on the burner and a finish line on the horizon. We’re almost done, boys. Hang on.
[10 years of 10 Gnomes…].


For the first time Gnomes are released earlier due to worldwide events. The Covid-19 quarantine that hit us all out of nowhere in March resulted in Gnomes being quarantined in Malmo and released early April. Sporting new gnomes engine, created in GMS2, completely sprite-less and with one-room architecture. Included files are loaded and unloaded from memory with each change of the photograph (sprite_add, sprite_delete). Slim and slick build of the game proved worthy. Also: O.


Since flash is not working in any browsers anymore, the original 2008 project was exported to .exe files and posted to itch.io. Timestamp. Also – this year I revisited Trstenik after 5 years. Also also – the series is complete with the release of 10 Gnomes in New York. Adios gnomes.

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