Blaki 4 finishing timestamp





I know that 46/46 has a nice, romantic ring to it, but I think that 60/43 sounds good too. This one went faster because it’s black and white and was fully sketched out before the actual painting begun. Nevertheless, those were 43 testing days. I found out that those 24 hour comics challenges gave me much more than just a small comic book done in a day. Namely: endurance and mental toughness. I remember in the past I was marking pages whenever they were done in one day (I’d write 1dw on them, meaning one-day-work). Now it’s kind of given. One page daily is bare minimum. And it all seems to be easier after those 24h sessions. Strange how it ¬†all goes.

One more thing: this time, since I had complete sketch of the entire album I decided to keep those sketches instead of throwing them away as usual. The time will tell whether this was an important move from the standpoint of¬†history of comic books (spoiler: it wasn’t). Here they are anyway, compared to the volume of the actual book: