Rewolucje 8 finished


That was… few strange days.
From October 7th to November 2nd I created 36 pages of “Rewolucje in Space” comic book. That’s what you can see on the picture above.

That kind of puts to shame that 46/46 thing I did last year. This is not the complete album, you need to add 46 previously finished pages – that adds to a nice number of ¬†82 pages. This is why it took a bit longer this year to finish that. These 46 pages needed few more short stories and some kind of story plot device to glue it all together. And I thought that wouldn’t take that long, but all in all it turned out to be almost another album.


Above: the brave space explorer. I always admired those brave ones who do things no one ever done before.¬†Godspeed my friend. This is the 8th album in the series. It’ll probably be released at the beginning of December, I’ll let you know in a separate post when that happens.

If you’re wondering if this series will continue – have no fear. I already have 4 more albums written, or at least mind-sketched. Or have a good idea on how it should look like. That’s it I guess. Alle the news on Rewolucje I got right now. I’ll be selling the book through my store – you’ll be able to get an autographed copy of it – but there’ll be only like 20 copies available from me directly, so don’t miss the premiere.

Oh, almost forgot:


Last year I wrote about saying goodbye to your characters once you finish drawing them, similar to a wrap in hollywood terminology. The same goes for the tools I use. First one to go was the pencil. Then the watercolors, then ink. The desk is getting emptier each day. I expect it to be completely clean in few days just in time for Submachine 9 development.

Good bye my trusty friends. See you next year.

Hello Submachine 9.