Submachine 2 revisited


play | play original version | play an early sketch

So here’s what happened.

I was playing all submachines in order to get into the right state of mind for the upcoming episode, right? Then I almost accidentally opened the submachine 2 work file, to see how much the code got old and how much work I’ll need in order to create an HD version. I don’t quite remember what happened after that – but here’s the revisited, renewed and kind of polished a bit version of the game. It’s still the same game, I just dusted it off.

So I took a long, upclose look at this game. I found a potential. A potential to reorganize a bit, stir things up, add new material, finally add some kind of rewards for finding the secrets – that’s all you wanted back in 2006 as I recall. All in the HD version that’s bound to happen someday. For now – here’s a good template to start working on the extended submachine universe.

Good times ahead.

Hang on.