Submachine 6: the edge


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We’re travelling to the outskirts of the submachine universe. Straight to the defense systems of the net. Allegedly no one has ever been there before. That’s what Murtaugh told us in previous game. It is a very desolated area, the human presence in the sub def is unwanted and dangerous. Can you survive this experience?


pre-release tension log:

The game was finished on September 27th, 2009 (the date of this post). After I announced it, there were over two weeks of impatient waiting for the release. And things got ugly pretty fast :D :

I just finished development of  Submachine 6 and wanted to mark the date for the future generetions ;D. So on this occasion I want to share yet another screen from the upcoming game.

I do not know the release date yet. But once the game goes online I’ll send out an appriopriate newsletter and a tweet, so you have a chance to stay in loop with this info, as long as you’re on twitter or signed up to my newsletter, ;)

Happy day.


p.s. – any links posted in the comments on this post are invalid, so don’t try them. I still don’t have a release date, but as you know it’s out of my hands by now. I wanted to finish that game in september and I did – that’s all I can say.


p.s.2 – wow, I’ve got my own trolls right now. Looks like things are going well for me :D. To debunk any stupid thing that might pop up in the comments – nothing bad is happening, me and arcadetown are not in some conflict, that’s bullshit. Everything is OK. Don’t worry. Just wait for the game…


p.s.3 – ok, let’s kill  that troll. From now on – I’m not commenting on this post. So if you see anything  signed MateuszSkutnik down  there – it’s a troll. If there’ll be some questions that Iwant to answer – I’ll answer them  here, within the post. Bazinga.

oqapo Says: Mateusz when we can expect the issue submachine 6?

no idea. Sorry.

olga Says:  Mateusz, you are getting more and more famous!!! Congratulations!!! :-DDDD

thanks, I’ve got my own trolls right now. That’s an achievement :D.

bugger Says:  How long did it take between the completion of CF3 and the date it was released? Knowing that will give us some kind of idea when to expect sub6 (I hope).

I don’t quite remember, but the release date was not that important because the link to the game leaked online before the game went officially live. So there had to be some nice waiting time since people started sneaking around arcadetown’s links.

Kisakot Says: Damn them Arcade Town! Are they so lazy to take an hour for inserting their-the-only-logo into game and publish it already!

actually it’s the developer who does that. :D. They have an ready-to-go swf file. ;)

Corona says: So, when’s Sub 7 coming out? j/k

next year. :P

Corona Says: Mateusz – “Mental note to self…under no circumstances ever tell the public you’ve finished creating a game. Less pressure that way.”

I won’t even say that I started developing a game. :D

oqapo Says: After sub6 you plan a new submachine additional chapter, a short?

No. But there will be subnet exploration project. Not a game, an exploration website without a higher purpose or goal or ending. But still – some sort of submachine.

edan Says:  is this comment from arcadetown is real?

Nope. They don’t comment here and sure as hell they wouldn’t announce anything here.